This is a collection of ten short stories. Except the first two which are orthodox ghost stories, these stories have the potency to provoke the dormant neurones in the depth of your essential being. They can make you think differently and may even stir your indignation frequently. You may like them or you may hate them. But one thing is certain: you won’t be able to ignore them.

“This story gave me goosebumps. I enjoyed it thoroughly. You should think of writing a whole book on the supernatural.” Deepti Menon on ‘Death Road to Sounds of Eternity’

“Ooooo wwwooooo hhoooowhhooooooo??!!! Had me reading intently!” Yamini MacLean on ‘A Ride with a Ghost’

“Excellent satire with respect to the current happening.” Chinmayee Gayatree Sahu on ‘Ishwar Allah Tero Naam’

“You have a clever way of talking about the trivial yet burning issues of the day.” Sonia Dogra on ‘Humpty Dumpty’s Hats’