Life in the Time of Coronavirus by Ranjini S

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Create Date May 23, 2020
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Meet the Book

We always thought that the apocalypse would come in the form of monsters, floods or aliens. But instead, one fine morning, we were standing face to face with a pandemic.
The book talks about the origin of the virus and how it changed lives radically.
The book is a mélange of personal experiences, the endeavors of various governments, acts of faith, fear, foolishness, and heart rending stories of sacrifice from around the world.

Meet the Author

Ranjini S, born and raised in the South-Indian city of Kochi, Kerala, is a writer by passion. She has been actively blogging and freelancing since 2010 while pursuing a career in Chartered accountancy. She writes about life and its quirks and believes in not restricting herself to a niche. She blogs at A Few Handpicked Things and you can also find her on Twitter and Instagram.