Mayuri Nidigallu

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Meet the book

If you thought Chennai was only about the Heat, Filter Kaapi, Temples and Kanjeevaram Sarees, let me tell you, I had thought so too!
Till I moved here!
Living in Chennai has made me realise that there is much more to this city than what is usually expected. You only have to look, rather know where to look, to find it.
My curiosity leads to some interesting discoveries and I have compiled them all for you. Here you have them, all on a an Ebook, ‘My A to Z of Chennai: The City Viewed Through An Outsiders Eye.’
Enjoy, Macha!

Meet the author

Mayuri strongly believes that she left her heart and soul in Bombay, the city of
her birth and upbringing. She calls Chennai her City-in-law, as this capital of Tamil Nadu is home to
her Husband, In-laws, and now her. When she isn’t exploring Chennai, Mayuri is a Tarot Card Reader, a prolific
Blogger at Sirimiri – The Lifestyle Blogazine, a Bibliophile, and a reluctant Agony Aunt. This is her 2nd EBook.