Roma Gupta Sinha

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Meet the book

This is a book with a strong purpose as I am a crusader and a firm believer of Women Empowerment You should read it to know how despite all odds the women, whom I met mostly through the medium of my communication skills academy for 6-60-year-olds, eventually achieved their goals. You should read it to stimulate yourself to make your contribution towards achieving gender equality in our society.

Meet the author

Roma Gupta Sinha is an acclaimed writer who has won the coveted ‘Woman of the Year’ Award in 2015 for her writings on Women Empowerment, Equality, Rights, and Liberation on her blog and the prestigious ‘Planet’s Pride Award 2018’ for her entrepreneurial venture RCA. She is the brand ambassador of 21st Century Education and strongly advocates learning beyond books. She is an author of three published books with her fourth releasing shortly.