Wednesday, August 1st had a very exciting conversation going on about podcasts at Blogchatter. Here’s a preview of what the community thinks about podcasting.

Podcasts are still in the process of becoming known to everyone so we wanted to know if people listened to them.

What according to our community members was the unique selling point of a podcast?

With so much talk on podcasts, would anyone want to start one, we wondered.

Quality and content apart, what would keep a listener coming back for more?

About brand building, would podcasts be of any help in that?

So can podcasts change the world and the way we create content?

While only time can tell, we all can agree that podcasts are quite an interesting medium to try our skills on. Who knows, what starts as an experiment can become a leading podcast?

We had a series of conversations on Podcasts on FB Live. You can catch them here:

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