No matter how far we go. No matter how successful we are. We all need our tribe, especially in our virtual life. Our online tribe is the support, motivation, and inspiration we need from time to time. We may falter but their support often lifts us and helps us go forward.

But, how do you find your online tribe where you don’t meet people in person, where interactions don’t happen face to face, when it’s difficult to understand whether people actually mean what they say.

Well, there is a spell to find your Online Tribe. Lumos! 


Before you start looking for your tribe, you’ll need a keyword or phrase to ease your search. That’s where a niche will help you. Well, surely there is no harm in finding a tribe regardless of the niche. However, a niche helps you connect with your online tribe on a deeper level.


Just like Harry had to find the platform to get aboard the Hogwart’s express, you need to pick the right platform to find your online tribe. For instance a photographer will not look at Facebook or Twitter but Instagram for their tribe.

A blogger will come to Blogchatter *wink wink* if they want to find a community of bloggers.


The best part about being online is that you are already a part of the larger digital community, you just need to find like-minded people. And how do you find such people? The first step is networking. Find people on social media according to your niche. Use hashtags on Instagram and Twitter and follow people whose bio seems to connect with you. On Facebook, use keywords to find different groups and join them. 


When your networking strategy is in place, you need to get on with interacting. Just following people or joining groups will only make you a part of the tribe, it will not get you involved. Read and comment on your fellow bloggers’ blog posts, tweets, Facebook updates, and alike. Connect with your tribe on a one-to-one basis. Get to know them, help them understand you. 


Though your online tribe can’t see you, it is crucial to be genuine. Be yourself. No masks. No pretense. Trust us, people can sense when you are faking or are not true to what you’re saying. The thumb rule of finding your online tribe and being an integral part of it is to be the same online as you are offline. 


Finding your online tribe can be the beginning towards becoming a thought leader. How? You always learn when among your tribe. You improve and evolve with your tribe. They become your sounding boards, the advocates you’ll need to go out there and speak about your ideas. And every learning adds to your expertise. Which eventually leads you to becoming a thought leader.

Sometimes relations in the virtual world are deeper and go further than the offline world. Such is the charm of one’s online tribe. You’d be surprised on the sea of knowledge flowing in your tribe. On the journey of blogger to thought leadership through #LeaderChatter all April. Come back for more!