We all know that foods that children consume should be healthy and nutritious but to get that right, is it crucial to include a variety of foods from different food groups for balanced diet. Does this seem hard? Not quite, if you have basic knowledge on what food groups for kids are.

Ensuring that children eat from all the five food groups is necessary because of the key nutrients present in each of them in varying amounts. Eating according to the food groups for toddlers is a sure way for the body to receive all the nutrition it needs to function.

Here’s a short video with an expert telling us what the five important food groups and nutrients are and how they can be included in the diet of kids.


Let’s make this a little fun? To make this simple and easy to remember while you pick your kid’s meals, we have a quiz for you. We’re sure the information from the video will help you answer these ten questions.

Keep a pen and paper nearby and go through the following questions, noting the answers down. Once you’re done, send in the answers to us at hola@theblogchatter.com

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Make note, that there will be 3 winners announced based on high scores and each one of them will receive an Amazon voucher worth Rs. 1000! Isn’t that exciting?


  1. Answer all 10 questions.
  2. Please email the answers to hola@theblogchatter.com
  3. There will be 4 quizzes to participate in. At the end of the 4 quizzes, there will be 2 bumper winners.
  4. Each quiz has 3 winners, with Amazon vouchers worth Rs. 1000 (each) attached to it. 
  5. The 2 bumper prizes are Amazon vouchers worth Rs. 5000 (each).
  6. To be eligible for the bumper prize, you should have participated in all 4 quizzes. 
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Winners announced for #GrowRight Quiz 1 here.

#GrowRight is an initiative of PediaSure to provide expert nutrition advice to parents regarding their child’s nutrition so they may grow right – physically and mentally. Stay tuned for updates, insights and more.