Parenting has never been easy but it can certainly be made a bit stress-free. Raising digital kids is today’s requirement but someone needs to take care of filtering age-inappropriate content available on the internet. Parents are concerned about their kids’ internet activity and time spent on the web but they can’t be physically present all the time.

What do you have to do?

Share your thoughts on the need of creating a safe internet playground for kids through a blog post.

Prompt suggestions:

  • In an ideal world, describe what safe internet for kids look like
  • Creating a Safe Internet Environment at Home: Best Practices for Parents
  • How to overcome digital FOMO and encourage mindful internet usage among kids
  • Ways to fight social media addiction in teens and young adults
  • Tips to reduce screen time in kids
  • Ways to raise kids in the digital age
  • What stress-free parenting means to you

What do I get?

Every approved blog post earns 1000 reward points.

Some rules to follow

  • Make sure your blog post is about 600 - 800 words
  • Add 2-3 lines on Happinetz (more on this below)
  • Add a line at the end: This post is a part of Happinetz - Safe Internet For Kids and backlink it to 
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What is Happinetz? 

Happinetz is a safe internet for kids box that connects to your home router wired or wirelessly. Once connected, it creates a separate WiFi which filters out age-inappropriate internet and helps you set screen time schedules for devices connected to this WiFi. Happinetz continuously monitors more than 110 million websites and apps and is preconfigured to block more than 22 million adult and unsecured websites.

Some features include:

  • Exhaustive filtering system
  • Customizable internet schedule
  • Insight to help parents monitor what websites & apps children are opening
  • Quick setup: A quick 2 step-5 minutes process
  • Zero kid involvement: No need to download apps on your child's device
  • Device compatibility: Connect up to 10 devices, including Android or iOS phones, tablets, laptops, and smart TVs.

For more on features, please visit the website

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