Do you know that a baby’s brain development starts from day 1, i.e. from the conception itself?


Feed IQ in literal terms means that a mother feeds IQ to her baby in pregnancy and after. We know how essential it is to eat healthy during pregnancy and when breastfeeding. But, along with having a nutritious diet it is also vital that a mother engages in various exercises to stimulate the mental growth in her baby.

Ideally a healthy diet during pregnancy must be a balance of milk and other dairy products, fruits, vegetables, lentils, beans, and cereals. In technical terms one’s diet must comprise good intake of vitamins, minerals, iron, calcium, and folate. So, when a mother maintains a nutritious diet it affects the growing baby directly.

Everything a mother does from eating to exercising in pregnancy and to touching the baby after birth enhances the latter’s physical and mental development.

Blogchatter conducted various activities to educate the community on Feed IQ through blog posts talking about the various aspects of motherhood and how one can step into feeding IQ to their baby. Every blog post discussed and and emphasised on the importance and the need of Feed IQ for the babies.

Studies have proved that 90% of baby’s brain development happens in the initial years of the baby’s age. Hence, it is crucial that a mother takes all the necessary steps to feed the best possible nutrition to her baby to help lay not just a strong physical but a mental foundation as well.

The blog posts talked about how brain exercises along with healthy food assist in baby’s growth. Activities like talking and reading to the baby during pregnancy not only helps develop a deeper bond between the mother and the baby but also works wonders on the latter’s brain development.

After delivery activities like playing with water, rattle sounds, touch and feel play, massage, and even nature-time (watching the birds and stars) help greatly in nurturing the cognitive skills in babies.

We also held a contest on Twitter on the gravity of starting early and how can one be a Smart Mom.

A number of mothers came forward and shared their experiences on how they are implementing a combination of the modern world and the traditional practices in terms of their child’s upbringing.

Living in the digitally modern era has its cons too, but this is where moms need to be smart, to blend the plethora of resources with their understanding and hence Feeding IQ to their kids.

Always remember to consult your doctor for more and to gain better insight you can check :