Quarantine is just a new word in my vocabulary otherwise the meaning is already a part of my life. I have always worked from home as much as I have worked. I simply love to be at home and work with flexible hours. So when the phrase Quarantine came in news, I looked up for its meaning and realised I was already in the quarantine phase all this time. Well, all looks good when the world is working out and you are working from home. But when its quarantine time for all, all means literally all, your husband and your kids then your peace is at risk! So how do work from home mothers tackle quarantine?

Mothers tackle quarantine effortlessly

Mothers manage it all but how? There are ways to maintain a peaceful environment at home:

  • Patience and acceptance are the keys to success for every work from home mother. Learn to accept the current situation and plan accordingly to be happy and make others happy.
  • Wake up an hour early and go out for exercise. You need to motivate yourself in order to keep your home active and energetic.
  • While you are out, breathe in the fresh air, admire the greenery around and plan out the day ahead. Believe me, planning always saves time and keeps you happy. It goes wrong too but once you are a pro, you immediately apply plan B.
  • Don’t waste your time on mobile/laptop browsing until you finish your morning chores and sit at the table to work.

Befriend your kids

You have to accept the truth that you can’t ignore your kids at any cost. Nobody can take care of them as you do and kids will always be happy with you first.

  • When your kids get up and come to you the first thing in the morning, you also leave all your work for at least 10 mins and smile at them. That makes their day.
  • Ask their favourite dish and prepare for the day. Every human loves to eat what they like.
  • Take a break from your work and laugh with them at silly jokes.
  • Handling kids kitchen, laundry and work may be stressful at times and you may want to shout. But try to write down your frustration or do whatever destresses you instead of yelling at kids. Try once you will feel the magic.

Every mother is different and no parenting style is wrong. It is fun to learn from everybody’s experience and make your own way. So as a mother, how do you tackle when your house is on quarantine?