This year has proved to be a roller coaster for the entire world and we at Blogchatter have experienced it personally. After so many turns and twists, we are finally reloaded with a lot more fun, power and enthusiasm. All for you. It’s been a while since we have been talking all about us, our story and how we have reached here. Now, let's talk about YOU!

For #BlogchatterReloaded, we ask you to share with us videos or Instagram stories where you tell us about you. You can choose any part of your story - how you began blogging, how you came across Blogchatter, how has blogging changed you - anything you wish to share. You can even go existential and tell us “who you are.” 

Simple? We knew it. We love to be easy and fun-loving as always with our community. So just go through the rules and start right away!

Now that you have all the required information about this contest, we are all ears to read/see your lovely stories. The stories that weave your existence and make you class apart. Every personality is different and we are excited to know our community one step closer.

PS: You may get a chance to know our team members too. A little more about them and what makes them tick. Stay tuned!

Don’t forget to tag us while sharing your stories because it is all about sharing love and not just winning.