Blogging may feel like a solo journey but it doesn’t have to be a one-person game. Blogging is powered by community, an online tribe which is genuinely interested in your content. One of the easiest and most effective ways to find partnership online is through collaboration with other bloggers.


Sort out your ‘why’ and the rest of the things fall into place. So, why collaborate with others?

  • Collaborative efforts in blogging help with tapping new audience.
  • You have access to easy promotion as the collaborators are going to cross promote the content.
  • There’s going to be a boost in traffic, and don’t we all love traffic!
  • You can explore new niches and areas of expertise through other collaborators.
  • You are constantly learning through others’ best practices and that helps you stay sharp

Now that you are convinced, the pertinent question is, who do you collaborate with?

One, contact people who are relevant to your brand or your focus area. If you write about fitness it doesn’t make much sense to feature an author on your blog. Unless they have written a book on fitness or topics related to fitness.

Two, collaborate with people who can offer something more in terms of content and audience. You could consider approaching influencers or thought leaders in your niche.


There are a few ways to work jointly with others. Consider trying these ideas one by one to see what works best for you as per your resources.


The most-loved way to get connected online with other bloggers is through guest posts. You could ask another blogger to write a post on your blog or vice versa. When you are looking for guest post opportunities yourself, contact bloggers respectfully and explain well what you have to offer in terms of content.


Writing a blog post that draws on the opinions of many experts in the same field, quoting them or asking them to contribute is creating content that has immense value to your reader. In terms of promotion, it is going to be easier and have a wide reach because all your contributors are going to promote it on their channels.


Featuring another blogger is a good way to get expert-speak for your readers and a change in the voice of your content. You could even experiment with the visual format and create an interview series.


Team up with other bloggers for contests and giveaways to attract a new set of people. You can reward people who are engaging with your content. Just make sure that the prizes are of interest to your readers.


In a mood to give away stuff for free and get some readers and followers? Widen your reach through a collaboration with other bloggers. You could give away free ebooks, an e-course or even consulting services if they are a part of your portfolio.


Product reviews, book reviews, service reviews of other bloggers gets you attention from the audience set of the other blogger. However, only genuine reviews work. If you find nothing good about the product you are reviewing, don’t go ahead.


Organise contests or chat sessions on something topical or trending for your audience. Do it as a collaboration and you can reach a large number of people beyond your regular followers.

How many of these collaboration techniques have you tried? Which one gets you the best engagement?