One of our earliest discussions with the Creative Soul Club was on Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis. It was a book that had been in many of our TBR lists but the creative discussion worked as the perfect impetus for us to finally strike that book from our list.

We learnt about how Gregor Samsa changed into something grotesque and that grew into a ray of hope for his family. During one of our team calls, when the agenda had been closed and we were catching up with each other, Geethica said that as the year was coming to an end, she was feeling hopeful. It felt like all of us - the team, our community, the world - had undergone a trial by fire and though we were singed at the edges, we were alive.

That is how our theme for 2022 was born through two amazing discussions: Metamorphosis, change and grow.

It was in 2020 when all our plans for having an offline meetup that our community had been clamouring for were getting finalised and when we as a team would finally physically meet each other, that our world as we know it changed. Even so, we were seeing a lot of each other albeit through our screens. We had more interactions with our community, more face time with them than we ever had before. Despite everything, we came closer.

And even though we had grand offline plans to release our new website and logo and share this triumph with our community, we had a pretty special online launch too. 

When the world pushed us between a rock and a hard place, our community rose with us, championing our book donation drives, our COVID-relief drives and creating meaningful content that could soothe not only them but also their readers. Blogging, books, social media, causes and reward points united us and it would be fair to say, we pushed back, we pushed through and we are here…to stay.

So this year, since the entire world is rewriting its script, we thought Blogchatter should also rewrite its yearly theme into something more aspiring. 

What do you think? How have you changed, grown, metamorphosed into something different?