As a Blogchatter community, we look forward to this time of the year when all bloggers come together to participate in My Friend Alexa. You must be aware of this campaign where all bloggers get a chance to boost their blogs to the next level. Every year, this campaign is held in September but this time as our website was going under major revamping, we shifted My Friend Alexa campaign to October. Well, with the announcement of Blogchatter Reloaded we opened registrations for the campaign and as usual, you guys poured in with so much love!

What's My Friend Alexa campaign

This is a month-long campaign to improve your writing and reading skills. In this campaign, s/he has to write 8 fresh posts in the whole month preferably 2 posts/week and read 8-12 posts daily of other participants. This sounds difficult but believe us, once you start then it's hard to keep off the magic of reading and writing. It drives you crazy but leaves you satisfied as a blogger in the end.

How to measure your blog rank

The main agenda of this campaign is to lower the Alexa rank of your website. You check your Alexa rank on 1 day of the month and then on the last day of the month to see the change in your blog numbers. The lower the rank, better is your blog's performance in this competitive blogosphere.

My Friend Alexa 2020

This year also, we had 170+ registrations for the campaign and it was fun making WhatsApp groups and a Facebook group for all important updates. As a team, it is the most hectic month of the year in terms of managing everything. The A-Team is active 24 hours during this month because how can we sleep when our community is proactive all day/night. 

It's a fun cum busy month when it comes to tracking the reading score and conveying the same to the members. Our official team calls become stress busters and once again, we laugh away getting back to our duties. It's not easy, being a part of the campaign and only 68% of participants managed to swim to the end.


Winners and the best participants this year

In this campaign, all participants benefit for sure. To make this campaign even more interesting we announce 2 biggest losers every year and the best participants throughout. It is all calculated on the basis of your reading, writing and activeness during the campaign. Our co-founder Richa Singh personally looks into the details and finalize the names. And here's the list of 2020:

Biggest Losers: 

Best Participants:

Badges and virtual certificates

The spotlight though was of course the badges and virtual certificates given to all successful participants of season 5.


Alexa certificate
Certificate that all successful participants received


My Friend Alexa 2020
The badge that you can see on on your public profile