Podcasts have been all the rage since the pandemic and more and more people are not only taking up the medium to listen to podcasts but also to create them. In our own survey for Blogging Trends to look out for in 2021, 83% said Podcasts would be the next big thing. We asked you to share with us your thoughts on what makes a podcast so appealing. And here are the results.

#1: 24.4% people listen to podcasts regularly

While most listeners tune into a podcast occasionally, only about 10% said they don't listen to podcasts at all. So it is safe to assume that podcasts are on an uptake.

Blogchatter Insight: Listening to podcasts will soon become as cool as reading!

#2: The most popular way of listening to a podcast is while multitasking

While 14% of our respondents said they listen to a podcast dedicatedly, about 50% said they listen to a podcast while multitasking. 

Blogchatter Insight: Your listener is multitasking when tuning in to your podcast. Keep this mind while creating a podcast.

#3: Spotify is the number 1 choice

At 44.2% Spotify is the number 1 choice of platform for people to listen to a podcast. With all the options that we had added to the list, we had not expected the numbers to lean towards one platform so heavily!

Blogchatter Insight: Are you on Spotify?

#4: Recommendations and podcasts have an interesting relationship

While 58% have recommended a podcast to a friend, choosing a podcast to listen to basis a recommendation is the number 2 option for selection.

Blogchatter Insight: Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool - create a relationship with your listeners!

#5: Have readership, will listen

A whopping 67.4% people have said they would listen to a podcast by their favourite blogger/content creator. 33% said it would depend on content, voice, etc. So if you have a readership, you will have a good conversion rate for listens.


#6: 46.5% want to begin podcasting

As more listeners begin to tune into podcasts, more content creators are looking at podcasts as a means to reach out to their audiences. 

Blogchatter Insight: If you're looking for resources on podcasting, you may want to check this and this.

#7: Genre, interest and topic the deciding factors for podcast selection

In order of preference, here's how people choose a podcast to listen to:

  • Genre, interest, topic: 48.7%
  • Recommendation: 25%
  • Podcaster: 21%
  • Social media: 5.3%

Blogchatter Insight: Who you are and how you use your voice matters when it comes to enticing listeners.

So do you podcast? What in your opinion is the appeal that podcasts have over say the written word or video?