In 2021, prominent digital real estate in terms of blogs or websites, can be successfully used for business growth. However, with the plethora of content to peruse on the internet, alternative methods are needed to stand apart from the competition. Oratorical skills and the ability to perform have become imperative requirements for continued success in this field. Overall reach can be increased significantly through podcasts and videos embedded in traditional blog posts, or used on one’s social media pages.

Writing is undoubtedly my first love, but I have always enjoyed performing as well. During this past year, my love for the camera was rekindled by making videos for Instagram and YouTube. After months of shooting in the few spots in my home that offered good natural lighting, in the limited time frame of one hour when my son would not demand my attention; I realised I needed a proper set-up if I were to continue making videos successfully.

Fortunately, before long, I discovered RRE Studios located in Faridabad, Delhi-NCR. Their professional recording set-up and affordable rental pricing, enabled an easy shooting experience. For those who do not see the merit in professional studios, let me explain:

I. Optimal lighting, great acoustics & no disturbances

At a professional studio, one has access to optimal lighting and neutral backgrounds to elevate their video quality. For budding podcasters and voice-over artists, it is necessary to have great acoustics, which a professional set-up guarantees. Perhaps most importantly, a studio setup ensures there are no disturbances during the shooting process.

II. Professional videos for blogging workshops & other masterclasses

While shooting at a studio one day, I learnt that the great music maestro Shubha Mudgal had visited a day prior to shoot a music masterclass. I am no award-winning singer, but I could see the merit in booking a professional space for people who conduct training workshops, blogging masterclasses and the like. The constant disturbances, bad lighting, terrible sound quality and slow internet connectivity during masterclasses conducted at home, can be a turn-off and may prevent clients from returning for future courses.

III. Professionalism aids in converting new clients

If one follows all the factors stated above, the final outcome of the video or audio piece is likely to be superior to the one shot in a piecemeal manner at home. The more professional your set-up, higher is the likelihood of signing new clients or attracting more consumers of your content.

Professional set-up for bloggers

Once you are convinced of the merits of a professional recording studio, here are some important pointers you should keep in mind when searching for the best:

  • Must have state-of-the-art equipment. Ask for Chroma backdrops for specialised videos, high-quality soundproofing and speedy wi-fi for live streaming.
  • Check if daily sanitation and hygiene is observed.
  • Choose one that offers reasonable rental packages – by the hour, half-day, full-day, monthly or annually. Request a free trial to check if you like the space.
  • Look for one that offers the in-house services of a professional video and audio editor.
  • Provides access to a green room for outfit and makeup changes.

It is not feasible for everyone to access professional recording studios, so they can consider creating a make-shift recording space at home, by investing in the right equipment such as:

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For my fellow bloggers who reside in Delhi-NCR and are reluctant to take on the headache of creating a studio at home, RRE Studios is an easy and recommended option to try.

Have you used a professional studio before? What's your experience been like?