For the last couple of weeks we at Blogchatter have been having discussions on a topic that would pique the interest of anyone who’s earning – Investments!

How would you define #TarakkiKarein? Is it just having a well paying 9-5 job your entire life? It sure gives you just enough returns, but not enough to check all those boxes in your dream wishlist.  Doesn’t sound like much progress when we think of it that way, does it? Real progress happens when your money works for you. Be the boss of your money while you plan that vacation you’ve been waiting for and make reservations at that exotic restaurant, because now, you can! How, you ask? Read on…

Of all the investment options available, mutual funds are quite popular and comparatively less risky. ICICI Prudential Bluechip Funds introduced us to what exactly bluechip companies are and why we need to invest in them. The live sessions and Twitter discussions decoded everything for us in layman language.

Large cap companies that are reputable, financially sound and widely recognized are a safe option to invest with because they form the top 100 companies listed in stock markets. They are known to have tested business models, offer quality leadership and have an excellent track record. They are unaffected by the erratic nature of the stock market. Ironically, they do better when the market is in chaos.

For those who have just begun earning or have long term financial goals, this is the ideal way to invest. The myth that in order to invest we need to have a lot of money in hand was also cracked. With ICICI Prudential Bluechip Funds’ Sytsematic Investment Planning (SIPs) we can start by investing with just Rs. 100! Isn’t that simply wonderful?

Another benefit of investing in bluechip is that we don’t need to spend hours staring at the ever changing numbers in the stock market and trying to understand them. Professional fund managers have got that covered too!

Saving is something we have been taught since childhood. Let’s update that habit to investing now for growth, stability and financial security.

For most of us who only knew this one super fast line about investments and also mimicked it, “Mutual fund investments are subject to market risks…” this campaign with ICICI Prudential Bluechip Funds opened our minds to the new era of growing our money and not just saving it.

We’re sure a lot of us are taking the first step towards investing wisely after last week! So, come on tarakki karein by making big companies work for you.

Time to give your money a job to do.

But don’t forget to readtheofferdocumentscarefullybeforeinvesting.