The first Thursday of the month of June saw a special association between FeedIQ and Blogchatter – FeedIQChatter – which is a property that discusses raising smart babies in today’s fast paced world. We have spoken about FeedIQ in a previous post and here we are going to do a round up of the June discussion on-the-go parenting and how parents can optimize time spent with their babies.

The discussion saw many moms adding their voice and thoughts to the 10 questions that were put up. The questions ranged from the importance of a mother’s nutrition, what is their favourite activity to do with their children and the importance of brain foods like Natural Vitamin E and DHA for feeding IQ to the baby. It was a treat to read for most parents, reading, books and talking to their children is a favourite activity.

An interesting insight that came up during the discussion was that most mothers are aware they need to take care of their nutrition – they know that a happy mom translates to a happy baby – but what they struggle with is incorporating this into their daily routine. Here we saw many ‘older’ mothers talking about the process that works for them as ‘new’ moms were still trying to find their balance. Many also spoke about taking supplements in order to meet their nutritional needs as food may not always meet them.

The social media session continued for two hours but the community was buzzing with conversations around #FeedIQChatter and how to support a baby’s brain development for the whole of June. It was heartening to see the outpouring of love, support and community that moms have created around themselves to learn, share and grow together. There was also an overwhelming feeling among community that the information was vital and they were glad that such a platform was available to discuss raising babies.

Our pilot #FeedIQChatter session was a huge success. In order to further the narrative, we will be dedicating the month of July to discuss new-age parenting as parents are living in nuclear families and increasingly relying on peers or online communities to get answers.

First Thursday of every month is our #FeedIQChatter discussion. Do join in at 10 AM on 5th July to add your voice to the mix.