Holidays, ice-creams, visiting grandparents, playing and holiday homework – all words synonymous with summers…what a treat it used to be to have two whole months of little work and all play! How many of us remember trying our uniforms at the end of the break only to see them two inches shorter?!

Summer time – the #TimeToGrow – and also the time where food takes a backseat as children focus on play and squeezing as many fun activities as possible into twenty-four hours. But if we want our children to grow at their optimum all the while enjoying their summer, there has to be a way to meet their nutritional requirements.

Keeping this in mind, Pediasure launched its new flavour Cookies and Cream in a fun event on 17th June, 2018 at The St. Regis, Mumbai. The event set the tone with children performing a signature step for the new flavour that got the entire room to their feet in a bid to follow in the children’ steps.

A panel of four special guests were invited to speak about summer growth, nutrition and the need to fulfil the nutritional needs of children, especially in their growing years. They spoke about parents practicing healthy eating habits in front of their children to set a good example, trying different and interesting ways to get your child to eat food and how it is absolutely normal if they reject a food item in the first instance. In fact one of the doctors on the panel said it takes up to 25 tries to get your child to like a food item! We don’t know about you but Blogchatter mommy bloggers sure heaved a sigh of relief.

After the discussion we were all treated to some shots *wink wink* cookies and cream shots of course. One sip and we were sold! The crumbly taste of cookies and the creamy yummy cream combined with some milk tasted so heavenly that those shots disappeared in a jiffy!

Frankly speaking what happened after we took that shot is still a haze because we were in a happy place as we smacked our lips, as satisfied as a cat.

But if you think this cup of goodness is only tasty, think again. Power packed with 37 vital nutrients that support your child’s height and healthy weight gain, it also helps in developing immunity and the brain. Studies have verified that usage of this supplement shows visible growth in children in 90 days.

Healthy and delicious – looks like mommies have a winner on their hands. We only wish there was something equally yummy for adults as well.