The feeling when we write and get appreciated for our content is another level of ecstasy. It is a different form of pleasure and nothing compares to it. The job of a blogger is not just entertainment, we have to look out for many things like facts, credibility, and the interest of the audience. All the effort is worth it when we see people connecting with what we have written, sharing, liking and commenting on the blog post. Team Blogchatter, which is a group of bloggers and creators themselves, appreciates all the effort and work you have done till now. We understand how much effort it takes to create meaningful content, especially since we have several other responsibilities as well.

Isn’t it cool to get a badge that you could show to your loyal fans and flaunt in front of all the doubters? What if I tell you that the team is interested in awarding you for all the achievements?  

So, let me introduce the Top Blog badge: a badge that wants to celebrate all the effort that goes into creating that awesome blog post.

What is a Top Blog?

The Top Blog badge is recognizing the work of bloggers who have garnered appreciation from the Blogchatter community in form of rolls and shares on their BlogRoll

In one of our community calls, you had asked us to create a system like YouTube where a creator receives the Silver Award for 1 lakh, the Gold Award for 1 million, and the Diamond for 10 million subscribers. You wanted a system that would recognize your efforts and so, we decided to introduce Top Blog, a way for you to know that your BlogRoll is being appreciated, read and shared by Blogchatter community.


What motivated Team Blogchatter?

In the past few years, more and more people have started to blog, and Covid-19 accelerated it. This has raised the stakes and in the future the competition will only increase. It becomes important for us to make relevant content even more.

Bloggers are like developers who are constantly researching and writing to design meaningful posts that can entertain or be insightful for the readers. The best thing is to get positive appreciation. For us, the biggest achievement is being appreciated by our viewers and fans. The comments, likes, shares, and suggestions mean a lot to the creators like us. It motivates us to produce more. And hopefully the Top Blog badge will help motivate you to create consistently and submit to BlogRolls!

How to get the badge?

I know you must be very excited to get the badge and working on strategies along with a plan of action to win it. But the team has got you covered for this too and has a pretty basic hack for you all. All you have to do is submit your blog posts to BlogRolls! Yup, it is that easy. And when you win that shiny blue and gold badge, you will receive an email on your registered email ID along with instructions on how to add the badge.

This a wonderful opportunity to take our blogging to the next level.

So, what are you waiting for? Start writing, submit as many posts as you can and win the badge.