Vaccine hesitancy is a real problem and through this exercise of vaccines save lives, we are talking about the importance of getting vaccinated against diseases like COVID through #KnowYourVaccine and flu through #PreventWhatCanBePrevented to combat vaccine hesitancy.

Submission guidelines

Part 1: Submit a blogpost on

How vaccines save lives or why they're important.

Please make sure you use credible sources [news articles or websites like WHO or CDC] to verify the information you are putting in your blogpost.

Part 2: References

Make sure you have a list of references you used at the end to verify the information you have mentioned in your blogpost.

Part 3: Submit to BlogRolls

Once your blogpost is written, don't forget to submit to BlogRolls. While submitting, don't forget to click on the checkbox that'll let you add Featured Category.

And you're done!

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