An influencer is an ordinary person who has earned a super hero cape.  In an era of social media brimming with content, people look up to influencers to guide them. Firstly, there are certain basic golden professional steps that can help you climb the ladder and proudly wear the shiny cape of an influencer.

Building a reputation requires time, effort and patience. Most importantly, it requires you to be truly authentic and nothing else. Like Mark Zuckerberg says, “A trusted referral is the Holy Grail to advertising.” Focusing on quality is a longer route to success, but a sure one.


Us bloggers and content creators have a huge scope to become influencers and eventually thought leaders. Plan your content step by step. Detailing shows that you have taken the time to create something worthwhile. Furthermore, look at the analytics and create content that resonates with your audience. Your content is your brand that will ultimately influence people around you.

Social media when used in a positive way is a fast way to promote an idea or set a trend.  Likewise, having a trusted following is a huge blessing and this helps in taking your ideas forward. While the internet has fragmented ideas into super narrow niches, once you dive deep into a chosen idea, you are sure to attract the kind of crowd you need to be an influencer.

Don’t forget to promote what you create. It is not blowing your own trumpet. Besides, people won’t know your content exists until you draw their attention to itin a graceful way of course.


Amidst all the content creation, sharing and promoting, remember to engage with your audience, above all. If you are on the road to becoming an influencer, you need to create heartwarming relationships with the people who interact with you. Responding to comments, mails, showing your following they matter will take you a long way. Moreover, you can learn a lot about yourself from your audience. You will get insights into what works, what doesn’t and why, how you can do better, and a lot more. Soon enough your content will be the new trend setter and you a noteworthy influencer!

To be an influencer, you need content and an audience. So get rolling, time to tell the world you have arrived! On the journey of blogger to thought leadership through #LeaderChatter all April. Come back for more!