Is our society overly judgemental? Well, we are guilty of judging others all the time. So, let’s take it easy and judge our own selves for once 😉

All you have to do is take this fun quiz on what kind of parent are you, mark your replies and check your score.

What Kind of Parent are You

What do your kids call you?

A. They call me by my name. We have a democratic set-up in the household.
B. Mom is what I like. However, they have their own versions like Mammy, Momsie and that’s fine too.
C. I have instructed my children to call me Mummy at all times.

How much screen time is allowed in your home to kids?

A. My toddler is on the tablet as long as I am working on the laptop. And I have seriously long working hours, man.
B. Restricted screen time. No more than 1.5 hrs with parental supervision.
C. We don’t allow our kids to use gadgets at all. They can play with each other.

Do your children follow basic hygiene rules in the house?

A. They take regular baths and wash hands before meals. Is there more?
B. I have to frequently remind my children to wash hands, clip nails, keep their mouths covered in public. They forget but I am here to tell them again.
C. Yes, all the time and they better do it.

How do you spend quality time with your children?

A. They are with me all the time! I don’t need to carve out any special time.
B. We have a pyjama party in the kids’ room, once a fortnight.
C. I dedicatedly take out 2 hours every evening as they sit and study. After their homework, we play board games.

Who in the household helps your kids with homework?

A. Who? It’s the teacher’s job!
B. Children are happier doing their homework sitting with their grandparents.
C. My spouse and I take turns to help children with their homework.

What does your kid want to be, when he/she grows up?

A. I haven’t thought about that yet. Possibly, an engineer like me.
B. We would get to this discussion when they are a little older.
C. We talk about it all the time. I help my children research the online resources about the various career paths.

What do your kids’ friends think of you?

A. I am like their friend! I have good fun goofing around!
B. I bake their favourite muffins for them and they love it!
C. They seem a little scared of me. But that’s ok, parents are authority figures, after all!

Score Card

Mostly As: You are a cool-as-cucumber parent. Everything is fine as long as it’s your kid doing it. You live in the moment and deal with everything later.

Mostly Bs: You are well balanced. Every parental responsibility is taken care of with great care. You weigh the pros and cons of everything.

Mostly Cs: Super conscientious, thinking-far-ahead is you as a parent. You think prevention is better than cure so you make difficult decisions that are best for your child in the long run.

What Kind of Parent are You

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