Your digital space on the internet marks your online presence. It is like buying a property in space. Your website is your online property and you pay to host providers to maintain that space. Anything that shares some space on the internet is a digital property. Be it a hashtag stream, Twitter, Facebook profile or even a social media status. Your online presence is the new you today. So where exactly will this lead to?


Your website is your identity in the digital space. It represents your taste and thoughts. It becomes your unique voice to the world. 
A reader comes to your website and takes away an impression of you.

The design, layout and theme of your website speak your attitude. Your thoughts are conveyed differently and this is what makes it your personal brand. It may not be niche specific because writing is not caging yourself into categories.


There is a need to make your social presence strong in order to maintain stability. Making a website alone is not enough.

  • Search the reason you want to blog for…what does blogging you? When your intentions are clear, you get a strong hold on your work.
  • Networking is the base of your digital presence. As much as you read, share and be active in a community, it comes back to you. The world starts recognising you.
  • Find your unique voice – the perspective, unique take, personal story that you bring with every piece of content you create.


Many of the thought leaders like to take their voice to the next level. Make your work professional and monetize. Research different ways of monetizing your blog and check what works for you. there may be small and big reasons to blog and earn. But the main reason is to be active online and create thought leadership.

Create social value to your work and contribute a little every day. You may not write and publish a blog daily but even thinking of it for some minutes contributes to your blog’s success. On the journey of blogger to thought leadership through #LeaderChatter all April. Come back for more!