It would not be an understatement if  we said that Google has changed our lives and changed it drastically. Whether you’re a blogger or not, you can definitely relate to this! 

Since we all adore listicles, and it is Google’s birthday today, here’s 21 ways the search engine has helped enrich our lives:

  1. Greetings! – Apart from the usual ‘ki chol che, kasa kai, enthondu vishesham, namaste and hi, hellos’ we hear all over, nothing can beat the way Google greets us everyday with an amazing doodle, many times interactive too.
  2. Global Encyclopaedia – We don’t need to flip through A-Z pages of heavy encyclopaedias to find why the bird Kingfisher is called that or how many stripes a zebra has. Searching is so structured and specific like going through the index of a very organized book.
  3. Official Translator – How cool is it to have our very own personal translator, eh? Now we don’t need to actually learn verbs, infinitives and what-nots of new languages (unless we want to, that is) because with Google translate we can understand the gobbledygook of every language there is.
  4. Stalking is illegal but – Google street view is not. This remarkable feature of Google helps us navigate through streets all over the world. Now we can write in detail about the American suburbs or that strange village far away like a pro.
  5. Four Volume Dictionary is a Thing of the Past – This again, is a blessing. We don’t need to search for words scanning the ant like letters in dictionaries. The precious Oxford one we had at school wrapped in brown paper has now been replaced.
  6. Password Messiah– Admit it, as bloggers we have to remember several passwords and ids, uff, it gets so confusing at times. Apparently, Google tells us that keeping your password as ‘password’ doesn’t help. Not to fear, Google is here and saves all our passwords so we don’t need to wonder if it’s a capital or small letter as we login to Blogchatter site to link up to Reading List. Ahem, ahem..
  7. Google is a Psychic – and is better than Patrick Jane from The Mentalist. It reads our minds and completes all our sentences. It knows what we are about to type and tells us what we want to hear, and often more.
  8. Most Non-Judgmental – Yes, the search engine doesn’t judge us no matter how eccentric we are and no matter how crazy our questions are. It’s all answered with ease, even when we ask why eleven is not pronounced onety one.
  9. Gives more ideas – We can never run out of ideas when we have Google. You search for one thing and it gives you ten more to choose from. Ideas ki kami nahin haiii
  10. Very Specific Instructions – You can count on Google to give you the exact procedure to do the simplest things such as change batteries of a toy to weirdest things such as how to dig a perfect grave. We.Did.Not.Search.That.
  11. At your service – Want a quick recipe to whip up out of two ingredients? Google has it. How to build a great bookshelf? Google will give you the perfect DIY. After eternities of browsing through the recipes and DIYs, want to just order food and buy a bookshelf? Google is at your service!
  12. Free! Free! Free!– Who doesn’t love a good bargain? Or even better, free stuff. All those free video editing tools, plugins, tutorials are like cherries on the cake for bloggers. Yes, cherries and not cherry. There are so many to choose from.
  13. Google Baba Google is like the guru we all need in the vast expanse of the blogosphere. It is the light that guides.
  14. Connection – For some of us bloggers who are basically houseplants and need human interaction, Google opens doors and windows to connect us to like-minded bloggers.
  15. Little Shoebox Under the Bed – Google Drive. Isn’t it a life saver? We can literally hear numerous heads nodding. What doesn’t it do? Save our photos, let us create numerous sheets, edit simultaneously with team members, Google drive lets us create magic without a wand (for free)! It is the precious little shoe box we had to store all our valuables as kids.
  16. Valuable Online Lessons – We sometimes click on the Google ads that pop up accidentally or out of boredom and as we patiently wait for it to load ever so slowly, we learn an important lesson on ‘click bait.’
  17. Have You Tried Turning it on and off? – Google is our tech support when nobody is around to perform the Exorcism of the Laptop, or figure out the reason behind Silence of The Phone Ringtone.
  18. We Feel Like Royalty – Creepy crawly Google algorithms teach us how to measure statistics of our blog, praises our work and makes us feel like content kings and queens. Put out the purple carpet for us?
  19. Personal Assistant cum Bae – What Pepper Potts is to Iron Man, Google is to us. It keeps us updated with all the latest trends and news, also encouraging us in the direction of success.
  20. When we Google Our Blog – And we find it on the search, or even better, the front page of Google, what can be a better reason to party for bloggers?
  21. Another Reason to Party for You – Google notifies us of things such as today is Google’s birthday so we can write listicles such as this, reminiscing all our good times. *Google chuckles*
21 things google has helped bloggers with
Happy Birthday Google!