Mirror mirror on the wall!

Tell me which is the best content of all !!!

Oh! this is very very difficult to answer though.

Content, content, and content is what we see all around on the web and yet, there is no saturation point. The more one keeps pouring in ideas the better the content takes its shape. We get to see countless articles all around us but the major brainstorming question is from where and how so many different ideas trickle to someone’s mind.

But you know, it is very easy to create amazing content for the readers.

Yes, you read it right. Content creation is not difficult, rather it is a little reshuffling of your work that will make you an amazing content creator.

Every blogger / content creator can fall short of ideas in a particular niche but a few modifications in the approach and analysis can give way to fresh content that is well appreciated by the dedicated audience. The 5 ways presented below can portray a content creator as a subject matter expert.

#1 Move down the hierarchy of the topic

Writing on varied topics is sign of a good content creator but simultaneously writing on topics in-depth makes them subject matter experts. Explain to the audience about a specific subject with more research and if possible, get views of the on-field experience of people. For example, if your post is about ‘Sustainable living’ then choosing the sub-topic sustainable living items in the kitchen can expand it to an entirely new post. By researching about the companies that follow the sustainability factor and mentioning one of the manufacturers from the field can be a good addition. They can be contacted to get the real picture or you can share their journey towards the sustainable products. Going down the hierarchy of the subject makes you stand out of the crowd, and readers get detailed information.

#2 Move up the hierarchy of the topic

Looking at the larger picture is a great content idea if you have plenty of content under the same theme. Gathering all such posts in a single cloud can bring in showers to a wider horizon. Let us take an example of a post on reading to understand this concept. If the detailed post is written about ‘How to raise reader kids’, then we have to move up the hierarchy and focus on what happens when kids are avid readers or what are the benefits of reading at an early age. The content is different yet under the same category and that makes you an expert in your niche.

#3 Change the length & form of the content 

Length and form of the content are interdependent and writers need to balance them so that readers get the benefit without feeling overwhelmed with the information. Length of the content is crucial in today’s fast-paced time; the content creator needs to present the post in such a manner that readers are compelled to read the entire post and reach the final message of the post.

There is an audience for each length of content. If you have a long post of 800 words then convey the same message in the form of poetry or the same message in form of a story for readers who like to read short-form content. The bottom line of the content remains the same but when the form changes it gives freshness to the creation, and content consumers will get variety from the creator. By using this content creation methodology, writers are likely to be assured of regular readership.

#4 Language switch

We all will agree that the language of the content plays an important role. Changing the language can do wonders to the content as each language has a special chord. For instance, a post on ‘How Parents care about their newborn’ can be written in another language, that is Hindi, Telugu, or Marathi. Though the content thought process and pointers remain, the same the essence of it changes and that provides freshness to the post. By placing Google translate at a visible corner, the audience who are not fluent in that regional language can always use the translate feature to read the regional content in their preferred language.

#5 Explore areas that are closer to the niche

Writing on topics that form the core of your niche can sometimes become a mundane activity plus there is no surprise factor for the audience. Creating content around the niche makes a content creator an overall subject matter expert.

For example, a book blogger who only writes about book reviews can also write about ‘How to get the best deal on the books ‘or ‘How to maintain the paperback books’. Or if you are a Travel blogger then you can write about ‘Benefits of traveling in group/solo’ or ‘What are Dos or Don’ts when we travel with family on cruise trip’. By sharing posts around your niche, the creator is producing unique content, and at the same time, readers gain a new perspective on a specific topic.

Applying these strategies of content creation, bloggers can never be short of ideas and topics to write on, as their existing content acts as a content bank and readers get to read fresh content even though the basic theme is the same.

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