Every author wants to grow and wishes to reach a wider audience and dreams of seeing their name in the search engines of the leading e-commerce website. The base is set by Blogchatter in the eBook Carnival, yet there are many pointers a blogger has to consider before leaping to take the book to another platform such as KDP. Every blogger to author wants to have the maximum benefit from the carnival and they must execute it correctly.

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Now that the eBook is published, promoted, downloaded and reviewed, what next is always a big question to the blogger who has donned the author cap recently. Let us give the finishing touches to the book before it takes the leap in the book world at Amazon KDP or a paperback version.

1. Change of book cover

A very important aspect of the book is the book cover and your book cover is now registered in the reader's mind and to all the friends and family who have downloaded the book or have a glimpse to your social promotions. If the book with the same cover is published on other platforms, then it is unlikely that it will be purchased or downloaded again as they already have a copy and they know that nothing fresh is added to it. It is always good to launch your book with a different cover if you are planning to take it on another platform to maintain the freshness. You can also intelligently add some jist of the great reviews you received adding credibility to your work.

For example, have a look at the Dale Carnegie book, which has so many covers, it is a popular book but the cover keeps changing according to the reader's interest, and as years pass by.

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2. Length of the book

Constraining the number of words you put in your book is a very difficult task because this aspect needs constant reassessing of your own work many times to cut some portions from the book. At the first revision, you may come to know many repetitive aspects that could be edited from the book. When we go for an eBook normally the word count hardly matters but if we choose to release our book later sometime in the paperback format many constraints follow.

So, before taking your book to next level of publishing always check on your word count limit and try to convey your point in a minimal set of words. Practicing this habit will not only improve your writing style but also makes work look more engaging. And if your book is just around few pages between 30-40, then add more value to it so that when the book is published in the paperback version it looks like a book.

3. Foreword by known authors or bloggers

It's a great feeling to be appreciated for all the hard work you put while writing a book by someone who is an expert in that niche or read the praise-worthy words from fellow bloggers. The Blogchatter carnival is the first leap where you can know how your book is performing. The reviews of fellow authors or bloggers about your book can be included in the foreword to let the readers know about how credible your book is.

A foreword is a kind of endorsement for your book and few snippets can be included on the cover of the book too. Most books include this section as it introduces a new writer to the set of readers who have already read the other author's work thus giving you a wider audience to present your work.

4. Revision of all the pointers from the book reviewers

Wow your book has done well at the carnival and you are amazed to read so many reviews about your work. Keenly look into every insight that you received for your work, analyze keeping a positive approach, and reassess on those suggestions and improvements your book reviews speak of. Receiving a critical review before taking your book to next level is a great way of improving and fine detailing those suggested points to make the book free from errors. Always be ready to welcome all sorts of comments and work on it keeping a positive approach.

5. Re-structuring of the non-fiction book

Many of the ebooks are the compilation of the A to Z posts and are presented to the audience in the AtoZ chapter form. Before taking a jump to KDP or another publishing platform reassess your book. If the book can have categories or sections then divide them accordingly for better readability. If the book is a parenting book, now the book can be structured with age, parenting aspects etc. And if it is a how-to book then the readers can look for a wider category. The flow of the book is the biggest factor that interests the reader and also keeps them engaged with it. One can even work on changing headings of chapters.

Footer and header can also be restructured or removed, as they can hinder the flow of the reading. Considering the readability factor, one does not want to get reminded of the book name again and again.

Take the time to polish your book as the stone when polished well shines like a diamond. The more skilled look you give to your book, the more people will appreciate it and consider purchasing it.

Have a great year in the literary world.