For the past 25 posts, we have been discussing some heavy duty things like thought leadership, vision, content, brand building…and we think it is time to take a break from that intellectual discourse and focus on something that is equally important in the blogging bizz – entertainment.


While you can create impact, champion a cause and even influence someone through the power of your words, we often forget that your content is a break from routine, for your reader. Brand building, posts that expand on your unique offering and content establishing your thought leadership have their place and should not be dismissed. But, sometimes it is good, essential, to take a break from the high brow conversation to something light, fun and entertaining with the sole purpose of making your reader laugh.

And though this content also serves a larger purpose in the scheme of things – of giving your brand a personality – let’s focus on the fun things for now, shall we?


Show your stripes, tell your audience who you are by writing a piece that gives them a unique insight into your thought processes or likes and dislikes. For example, you can tell them how you wrote a compelling piece of poetry out of sheer panic and because you were inspired by the cat on your phone cover.


You are a human being and as such are assailed with idiosyncrasies, fears and self-doubts. Show how you deal with life on a daily basis, what has life taught you and what can someone else learn from you. For example, telling fellow writers that you are constantly gripped with a sense of doom and gloom because you don’t know when your dreams will come true. Or something less morbid like why a dish is your favourite, and how the way that your mother makes it, though imperfect is delicious nonetheless.


Try a different genre. Never done a video? Do a video! Never done a post on jewellery. Do a post on jewellery. Have thought about doing a post on that one obscure fact that you absolutely love but think is too silly? Be silly! It may not always pay off but at least you will have fun while you’re at it, no?


If you are building a personal brand, then the above is easy because you’re giving your audiences a glimpse into the person behind the brand. But if you’re building a brand that is beyond you, you can still create a content zoo for your audience. What you need to do is find something that resonates with your brand and its voice.

A zoo can have many animals and it is up to you to decide who gets entry and who gets shipped off to Madagascar. We hope April taught you some of the basics to make your thought leadership journey smoother. Stay tuned to #LeaderChatter as we explore more dimensions to this.