No, we aren’t talking about metallurgy here. We’re talking about the rapidly changing trends that move as fast as quicksilver. It can be pretty exhausting to keep up with all of them, but by remaining aware of the trends in your field, you can easily mold your content/brand to its advantage. We should be willing to be flexible enough to accommodate changes that come with newer methods without of course losing our identity and sight of our vision. But how can you keep up with these ever changing trends when we are neither The Flash nor Quicksilver!

When the time comes we proceed to improvise- Quicksilver


Social media is the fastest way to know what is trending and why. Accounts and hashtags relevant to your niche can be very useful. Spend a little time everyday to learn what’s going on in your industry. You can easily check out trending hashtags on Twitter and find more on the explore tab of Instagram. Groups on LinkedIn also have extremely lively discussions you can be a part of. Learn to make the best of your social media time. Keep your mind’s creative mode always on when you are browsing. It can give you a lot of fresh ideas for your next piece of content.


Perhaps it is time to organize your numerous email folders. Several times we subscribe to things we’re never going to give a second glance at and in the process we miss out on really valuable online magazines and newsletters. Find something in your niche that gives you the best news and subscribe to them. Podcasts and Youtube channels could also help you stay up to date. Meanwhile, how can we forget blogs! Several experts maintain blogs that offer in depth insight into topics of your interest that can make your learning more refined.


Haven’t we always said, build thy community? Trends are by nature new and you are not expected to know everything right away. So when in doubt, don’t be afraid to ask around while doing your research. We learn from each other and by uplifting others too. Keep your network, especially within your industry, strong.


If you have the opportunity to take up a class in something that could add to your skills, that would be a wonderful way to gain clarity on the subject and ace at what you do, Courses give us a more defined and detailed understanding of topics when compared to just going through something online. What’s more, courses and trainings can be really fun and exciting.


While you may keep up with changing trends by adding your own voice, it is always a good idea to talk to your audience to know how they are liking it. Trends work in different ways for everyone. Maybe have a poll or have a session with them to learn what they enjoy. Keeping up with trends is important but we should also ensure that it aligns with our beliefs and target audience.

Every industry, be it blogging, writing, design, marketing or anything you can think of is constantly changing. The changes that are beneficial stick around and others fade away to make room for newer ones. We should be brave enough to take the risk and embrace changes. If nothing, even the fact that you took a risk will give you a reward.

Meanwhile, watch this if you want a little motivation to be like Quicksilver.