Team Blogchatter made full use of the lockdown and the growing penchant for organizing video calls and decided to organize three of our own. Lets just say, while they were fun, it also got us thinking about how we could create an ecosystem for the blogger within Blogchatter’s community where they could learn, earn and grow.

Conversations within the team have been ongoing and we hit upon this jackpot of an idea of opening up our website for paid guest posts. What is it, and how do you get in the action, all details below.

Q1. What is a guest post?

Here you write for us and we give you a by-line i.e. you are the author and we give you credit for it. The guest post will be around 500-600 words.

Q2. Is this paid?

Yes. We will be selecting 4 pitches per month and each blogpost that gets selected is paid Rs. 3000.

Q3. What is the selection criteria?

  1. Does it fall under the themes that Blogchatter talks about. For example thought leadership, personal brand, blogging, social media, writing, CauseAChatter, books, etc. (to know more, go to our home page and hover over our menu options) 
  2. Does the pitch you have sent add value to our community of bloggers
  3. How unique is the pitch
  4. Does the content you are proposing to write already exist on our website

Q4. Who can pitch?

Guest posts are open to all community members. Who is a community member? Anyone who has participated in one of our campaigns [A2Z, Ebook Carnival, Alexa, BookChatter, CauseAChatter] can pitch for guest posts.

Q5. How to pitch?

You can go through this Knowledge Bank to understand better.

Q6. Where to send pitch?

Please send the pitch to [email protected]

Q7. When do you open for pitches?

Pitches for July are now open.

For August, they will open sometime in July. Keep an eye on our social channels to not miss the announcement. We hope to carry the same cycle for subsequent months.

guest posts

Q8. When/how will I know if the pitch has been selected?

  1. Our team will collectively go through the pitch, following the selection criteria (Q3), to choose.
  2. We will inform you within 7 days of you sending the pitch if it has been selected or not.
  3. Once you have received our acceptance, you will have 7 days to send us the blogpost.
  4. You will be paid within 14 days of your blogpost going live on our website.

Q9. What if the pitch gets rejected? Can I reuse the pitch? Can I send another?

In case your pitch gets rejected by us, we will try and include a note on why it was rejected so you can use it to pitch better in the future.

You are free to reuse the pitch for some other publication. Or use it to write a blogpost for your own website.

You are free to share another pitch with us in the next month. Meaning, if you pitched in June and it got rejected, share your next pitch in July. If you pitched in July, and it got rejected, share the next one in August. 

Q10. Are there any reuse guidelines for a blogpost I have written for you and is live on your website?

You are free to share the link on your social media handles but not on your blog. Duplication of content like this will lead to Google penalizing your blog and our website.

Q11. Will you edit the blogpost I send?

We may edit it for grammar, flow, structure, etc. But we will not edit the thought, idea or what/how you choose to write. You can go through this Knowledge Bank to understand better.

Q12. What about writing style?

We have no criteria for writing style. As long as it’s readable, and grammatically correct, we are good to go. You can go through this Knowledge Bank to understand better.

Q13. Who sources images for the blogpost? What about SEO?

Ideally you should send us an image(s) for the blogpost. If not, we will source the images.

It would be great if you could use a longtail keyword and optimize your blogpost for it. You can go through this Knowledge Bank to understand better.

Q14. Is only English allowed? What about other languages?

As of now, we’re accepting pitches only in English language. We will hopefully be able to open to regional languages soon.

Q15. What if I want to pitch something that does not come under your categories?

There needs to be some connect between your pitch and our categories. You can go through this Knowledge Bank to understand better.

If you’re not sure which category your pitch falls under, study the blogposts already under the category. If you think it doesn’t exactly fall under a category but will add value to the reader, convince us through your pitch.

Q16. What if I have more questions?

Email them to us on [email protected]

So when are you sending us a pitch for a guest post then? We are eagerly awaiting them!