We love you – in case you didn’t already know. And by you, we obviously mean our beloved community members who have always been with us right from the beginning of our journey. We have been looking for ways in which we can show you that love which led to the system of Reward Points.

What are Reward Points?

Reward Points are points you earn for your interactions with community and with Blogchatter. It is our token of appreciation for sticking with us all this time and doing Blogchatter right. Also don't forget to keep an eye on Notifications to see what new points are up for grabs.

Where can I check my Reward Points?

You can check your Reward Points here.

How can you earn Reward Points?

You can perform any of the following actions to be eligible to win Reward Points from Blogchatter.

I. Pitching for Guest Posts.

Currently, the remuneration associated with guest posts is 3,000 INR. To streamline the process and remove the practice of invoice raising, you will instead earn 3000 points if your pitch is accepted. You can redeem these points immediately once added to your wallet. 

To know more about guest posts, check this.

II. Reviewing for us via our BookChatter track.

We started the BookChatter track because we wanted to encourage community to read more, especially Indian authors. While reading in itself is a reward, we also wanted to add some incentive so you would read more books! For every book that you review with us - irrespective if its an ebook, paperback, traditionally or self published under the BookChatter track - you will be eligible to receive points. 

To apply for a book, click here.

III. Participating and completing #CauseAChatter activities.

Championing a cause is not easy and requires effort to create content that is impactful and empathetic. If you complete at least 5/7 CauseAChatter line items through the year you can earn reward points.

To know more about Cause A Chatter and how to get reward points, check this.

IV. Participating in Surveys.

Surveys are our way to find the pulse of our community. We have had surveys on podcasts, gender and sexuality and blogging so far. We aim to have at least 1 survey a month. You will receive points every time you successfully finish a survey.

To find surveys on your dashboard, click here.

V. Reviewing ebooks from our Ebook Library for the current year.

Our ebook carnival kicks off in May - where some of our community members will be publishing their ebooks with us. For all ebooks reviewed by you between May and June for ebooks published in the current year, you will be eligible to win points.

To go through the T&C on how you can earn points for reviewing ebook carnival ebooks, click here.

VI. Successful completion of your TBRChallenge.

We would love to reward you for taking the time out from your busy schedules to read books. If you're a part of the TBRChallenge and you reach your goal - finish it 100% - by the end of the year, you will be eligible for points.

To know or participate in the TBRChallenge, click here.

VII. Participating in #BlogchatterBlogHop

We had run a survey with our most active community members and one of the suggestions that came out loud and clear was: we need push to blog consistently and blog hops + prompts will help us. So, Blogchatter is here to tell you more about #BlogchatterBlogHop. Write and earn reward points if chosen as the winner!

To know more about Blogchatter Blog Hop, check this.

VIII. Featured Campaigns

At Blogchatter, we're always looking at different ways in which we can encourage our community members to monetize their online presence. Though different from our usual brand campaigns, through this we hope to include more and more members who can earn with us.

To know more about Featured Campaigns, click here.

IX. Contribute to BeStorified

BeStorified is our playground where we can write and talk about anything under the sun. We open guest posts for BeStorified every month. We will be accepting 2 posts ( from two different people) each month and you can earn 1000 reward points per post.

You can check the rules of contribution here and the kind of stories we share on BeStorified here.

X. Others

That's not all! The above 8 were the easy ways you can win points. As and when you engage on campaigns, posts, chats, lives, etc with us, you will be receiving points from team Blogchatter. This would be a throughout the year process.

Terms and Conditions

To understand the T&C better for the Reward Points Wallet, you can check this post

PS: Team also went live to answer questions around Reward Points. You can check it out here.