We truly believe in reading and that's what keeps us all close-knitted. Books are the best gift to humankind and we always find different ways to help every reader in some way. The Blogchatter Ebook Library is one such initiative on our website where we encourage you to indulge in reading from the ease of your home. 

A community that reads together learns together. To keep this reading spirit high, we have initiated a book donation drive as a part of the Blogchatter offline library.

Are you excited to know more? We are equally happy to share this news with you all. 

What is the Blogchatter offline library?

Blogchatter has extended its reach towards offline availability of books under its banner. If you believe in donating books to encourage a reader to learn, create and apply more then join hands with us in this donation drive. As part of this drive, our first offline library will be hosted by Purushottam Das Tandon Library, Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi.

This library is run by Servants of the People Society founded by Lala Lajpat Rai in 1921 in Lahore. It was then inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi.  After partition, the Society was shifted to Delhi and has been operating since then at Lajpat Bhawan, Lajpat Nagar-IV, New Delhi-110024.

How can you donate?

As part of this initiative, Blogchatter has pledged books that we will be donating from our side. There are more books that you can choose and donate. We have created an Amazon wishlist for your ease of choosing and ordering the books. You can choose a minimum of one book and a maximum of any number of books. Just click on the title/titles and order. Your preferred titles will automatically be removed from the wishlist to avoid duplication. 

Blogchatter Donation Drive

How to order from the Wishlist?

  • Click on the Wishlist.
  • Add the book(s) to your cart that you wish to purchase.
  • While paying for your purchase, make sure you select the Gift Registry Address (screenshot below)

  • Pay for your purchase and voilà! It's done.

How else can you participate?

Even Blogchatter Writing Festival 2021 is talking about books, reading and the love of donating books simply because we along with our community love to go above and beyond the daily routine. If you have a strong opinion around the whole idea of donating and reading, you can champion with us through the Cause A Chatter campaign. Furthermore, do check out our BookChatter section to choose from a wide variety of books to read, rate and review.

At Blogchatter, we always stress the importance of reading, writing and discussing to learn even more. Have you chosen your favourite book to donate from the list above? Do remember to spread the word and encourage your friends to do the same.