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CauseAChatter, 10 Sep 2020

World Suicide Prevention Day 2020

Highlighting the need for a discussion around mental health and it's role in suicide prevention.

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CauseAChatter, 8 Sep 2020

E-Learning in the COVID-19 era and beyond #InternationalLiteracyDay

Making E-Learning possible for kids all over the country despite difficulties is what this year's Literacy Day is about.

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CauseAChatter, 30 Jul 2020

The worst is yet to come

Bloggers and content creators have access to social media which is a wonderful place to start conversations that matter.

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CauseAChatter, 16 Jul 2020

The new face of skills as youth see it: 2020, here they come

On World Youth Skills Day we rethink what we call as skills, because the world and its needs are changing.

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CauseAChatter, 4 Jun 2020

Five actions for you and the planet: World Environment Day 2020

5 insights that would benefit not just us, but the environment, humanity as well as the planet that homes them.

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CauseAChatter, 25 Mar 2020

Cooperating for the common good – flatten the curve

The smallest contribution you make can give someone hope today. A list of NGOs working towards flattening the curve.

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CauseAChatter, 8 Mar 2020

How can bloggers educate the world about feminism

Feminism is a misunderstood term today, one that requires open conversations. One way is for their voices to be heard.

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CauseAChatter, 27 Feb 2020

Celebrating digital learning day blogger style

Digital Learning Day spreads knowledge of e-learning, use of modern tools to make learning, working – and blogging – easier.

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CauseAChatter, 11 Feb 2020

Things we do online #SaferInternetDay

#SaferInternetDay is is an important initiative that inspires all us internet users to create a better and positive online space.