For the past 5 years, Blogchatter has taken literary festivals online, facilitating a safe and convenient way for authors and readers to come together, interact and discuss all things books and writing. Take a peek into last year’s featured authors and the way the calendar is shaped here

The accent is as much on writing and guidance for the writers in the community as it is on reading the literary giants and the wildly popular genres. Over the years, we have had authors from all over India, talking to our community and guiding them on the craft of writing, pitching and taking their books ahead for screen adaptations.

Through Facebook lives, Instagram sessions and Twitter takeovers, authors talk about their work and interact with community members on reading and honing the craft of writing.

To add to the heady feeling to talking with your favourite author, we give all participants a chance to win paperbacks of the featured authors and other book goodies. There are talks, shows, book readings, quizzes and much more!

When: March

Registrations: Open to all, being a book lover helps ☺️

What to expect: Plenty of scintillating conversations, a chance to interact with your favourite author (we announce the calendar of events and the featured guests in February end) and win books.

Why should you attend BlogchatterWritFest

  • You get to meet your favourite authors
  • You can connect with like minded readers
  • It is a great chance to be a part of thought provoking chatter around reading and writing
  • We introduce you to new books and writing styles through book reading sessions
  • You can get guidance on writing from the masters if you want to hone your craft
  • The biggest reason – together we celebrate the written word

To get an idea of all the fun we go through, check out #BlogchatterWritFest.


#LightsCameraChatter with Spoken Word

Every year in July, we conduct #LightsCameraChatter campaign for a month where we give a chance of video making to our community bloggers. Video enhances your blog idea and gives a new range of audience. Here, we invite successful YouTubers to share their personal work structure on weekly live sessions. In the year 2020, we also added live sessions of our community members who have successfully started their Youtube career through previous #LightsCameraChatter sessions. Purba and Dr Amrita were a few of them who learnt and gained confidence from these sessions and kick started their video journey.

And this is not all, during this month, we give you a chance to face the camera on our Facebook live session in the form of Spoken Word. We invite 3 written entries from you in the form of poem, prose or article and if you are chosen, you read out your winning entry in front of a live audience. Check out this year’s grand finale here.

If you are super charged to take your blog to the next level then video is the correct source of energy that will leverage your hard work more beautifully.

Stay updated on all the updates related to #LightsCameraChatter here.