If you are a new blogger or have been blogging for a while, you need to check out these blogging tips to be a better blogger. New blogging styles will help you improve your performance and your content will reach a larger audience. As much as new techniques are relevant for your growth, some old but basic blogging tips are always crucial to follow.

It's SEO that makes your content the king

There is no doubt that you should work on writing good content but what makes your content reach the correct audience? It's the SEO -Search Engine Optimization. You should definitely learn the basics of SEO and start implementing them from your first post. SEO takes time to bring your content on the right track so don't wait to start once you become an expert blogger because SEO will only help you become an expert.

You can win over a writing block

Trust us, you can overcome a writing block with the right tools. Just start writing anything and everything without editing. Soon after a paragraph or two, you will analyse your topic and will start writing the right content. Research a bit about your topic so that you can build authority for your content and research also helps in understanding and adding your stories as well. Real stories always appeal more. The world wants to know what's happening in other's life.

Timeline your stories

Creativity can't be forced upon but it can certainly be scheduled. Hit your laptop keys as soon as you get an idea no matter what your content calendar says. Noting down an idea is important, later you can finish it up. Once you finish your draft, now check your calendar and decide where can you fit this post the best.

Important dates are important to drive traffic

Most bloggers get the benefit of a large audience because they have something to say on every important day of the year. Even if they don't get comments on their blog post, they get the benefit of the right hashtags and the event timing. Every topic may not be easy for you to write but check the ones you can research and get familiar with it. A mix of anecdotal and researched posts is good for your blog health.

Small paragraphs appeal more to readers

Think like a reader. Don't you want to read more in fewer words? White spaces in between the words make your blog look clean and simplified. That's why as a writer also, write in a few lines and change the paragraphs when you change your sub-topic. This keeps your reader interested in reading more after each paragraph and your content doesn't look like a bulk.

blogging tips to be a better blogger

Make Yoast plugin and Headline scheduler your best friends

Your blogging tips will be incomplete if you don't have a Yoast SEO plugin and a headline scheduler like Co-schedule. Yoast plugin helps you edit the right keywords throughout your content, title and alt text of images. Whereas, Co-schedule helps you create the perfect title that has keywords and the right length of words in the title. Remember to check what's working for your blog and don't overcrowd with unnecessary plugins that slow down the loading time of your blog.

Don't ignore social media

A blogger needs social media to talk about their work in public. You can't just write for your own eyes if you are a professional blogger and want to grow. Be transparent about your work and discuss the story behind creating particular content. Social media never sleeps and you never know what may strike in your favour. Start with 2-3 platforms and learn which brings you the right set of readers.

Prepare your own report card

A blogger is a teacher who can create his own self-evaluation card quarterly or half-yearly or yearly. It is one of the most important blogging tips to check your blogging style and make a note of what worked for you and what needs to be edited. Start working on your corrections and add new improvements to take yourself a step ahead. Like, if you were not researching your work before then start doing it from now on.

Direct your audience to the next step

Your blog post has all relevant suggestions on the topic and is helpful in every way to your reader. But once your reader has taken all suggestions from your write-up, he will apply them gradually. So what's the immediate effect of your post on the reader's mind? A call-to-action is very important at the end of each post in the form of linking another relevant post from your blog. This is called inter-linking. 

After reading an appropriate topic, now your reader has another relevant suggestion to think about. Simple blogging tips are always helpful whether you are an expert or a beginner.

Writing is incomplete without reading

How can you improve your writing? Simply by reading others and learning something new. You can't keep on writing the same things over and over again. You need to improve your writing and research which can be done by reading other good works. Reading also gives way to commenting on their posts and building your network. It is always a 2-way technique to read others and invite them to your blog by commenting.

There are numerous blogging tips in this blogosphere and you can't apply them all. So start small and keep on increasing your knowledge to be a better blogger each new day.

What are your blogging tips to be a better blogger?

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