In order for our content to be successful, it must speak with authority: like you own the subject. Topical authority means your site has a deeper understanding of the subjects you talk about which gives you more chance to be noticed by Google. Once Google notices that your content is top-notch, your site can be trusted and promoted to reach other users who will find it useful. However, there are a few factors that when coming together, establish authority on your blog post and make you stand a step ahead. Having authority over a topic is particularly important when you are pitching to write a post. A guest post or a feature article links readers back to your blog, so if it's really good, you could get more readers.


You might already have a vision in mind or at least a structure of an idea that you want to talk about. Start by creating pillar content that serves as a foundation for the content to come. Pillar content is exhaustive and immediately shows that you do know what you're talking about. It exhibits authority in such a way that your readers will know that they're in the right place. Now, your pillar content is the wide umbrella under which you can begin researching subtopics. Through detailed sub-topics, you can answer several questions on topics in your niche. Subtopics can be innumerable if you do your research well. You will never run out of ideas on what to write about next! Well researched posts build trust with your readers, which is the first step to building authority. This helps you in showing clarity in your guest post as well. Choose topics that align with the vision of the publication you are writing to and with your own blog's vision. With the pillar content you've already created, it becomes easier for you to write a brand new piece of work with expertise.


Pick any authority blogger you might have heard of and observe how they network. You can create in-depth content, but you also need eyeballs on them, don't you? Networking with a community and forming relationships opens new doors and allows you to reach a great number of readers and build invaluable connections along the way. There is also a lot to learn when you engage with other bloggers, either from your niche or others. Networking enhances your blogging journey to a great extent by helping you build your tribe. The community also means a greater chance to get featured posts. Your content is exposed to a wide range of audience and you can get the chance to write a guest post. Relationship building plays a vital role here. The right tribe becomes conducive in your growth as an authority blogger.  


Your content should stand out is something we hear a lot. Most of the content out there is something that has already been shared and spoken about. That doesn't mean you shouldn't talk about it too. What makes your content unique is how well you add a bit of your personality to it. Your experience is only yours. When you add that element to your content and give it a different approach, it becomes unique. Perhaps you could experiment with other forms of content: videos and podcasts can add a new touch to your content and bring in a new set of audience. People may not engage with something they already know or have seen before, but when you make a connection on a personal level, there's no turning back from that valuable perspective.


Let your content speak professionalism. No, that does not mean you have to use a lot of jargon. The key is to write as you would speak to your audience. Use a conversational and approachable tonality to connect and engage with readers but also let your content evoke confidence and command over the subject. A blend of these will keep your audience coming back for more when they recognize you as an authority blogger.


One of the most important elements that make an authority blogger is also one of the most ignored elements. Plagiarising content, excessive self-promotion on others' blogs or social media pages, posting content that is not verified is very unprofessional and an open path to failure. There's always the right place and way to promote your content on your social media without spamming. Social media is a blogger's elixir when used well. When you write a guest post make sure you talk about the topic to build a healthy conversation and don't use the space as a way to promote your content links. If your writing is authentic, readers might even come back on their own to check out your work. Fake news lacking credibility is on the rage. At such a time people are looking for authentic sources of information. You can be their guiding light when you create content that is genuine.

Becoming a blogger and an authority blogger is a journey that should be taken hand in hand. These are really simple success in generating ways that can help you build authority and command. Many times we lose focus of our vision and fail at consistency. We then forget the simplest elements that support being successful at blogging. Perhaps this is a reality check for us to tick off these points and see what we can do more to become excellent writers?