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Health-Fitness & Nutrition, 22 Sep 2020

How to control blood sugar levels in 4 easy ways

Do you know India has the second-highest number of diabetics in the world? The scenario is surely alarming. Read in…

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Marketing & Social Media, 22 Sep 2020

5 reasons why every blogger should participate in blogchatter campaigns.

Blogchatter is most active and largest blogging community of India. sharing 5 reasons why every blogger should participate in blogchatter…

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Books & Writing, 21 Sep 2020

It’s #MyFriendAlexa Time of the Year

This is the 5th season of #MyFriendAlexa conducted by Blogchatter and for me it is the 4th time I’m participating…

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Marketing & Social Media, 20 Sep 2020

#MyFriendAlexa The September that was

The #MyFriendAlexa blogging challenge has shifted to October this pandemic year but the benefits are still the same. Scratch that,…

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Books & Writing, 19 Sep 2020

#MyFriendAlexa Voyage with #Blogchatter! Take me higher

This is my third #MyFriendAlexa rollercoaster ride and trust me, I already feel the zing in my old veins! My…

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Life & Lifestyle, 18 Sep 2020

How exercise plays an important role in controlling blood sugar levels?

How to control the blood sugar levels? You can control it through diet and exercise. Yes, exercise helps in controlling…

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Marketing & Social Media, 18 Sep 2020

10 Things I learned with My Friend Alexa

What happened on my first season with My Friend Alexa?Something which ensured that I never stopped participating ever ! Read…

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Books & Writing, 18 Sep 2020

Improve Your Blogs Alexa Ranking with #MyFriendAlexa

The registrations are open for My Friend Alexa 2020. Boost your Alexa Ranking by participating in #MyFriendAlexa with Blogchatter. Read…

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Life & Lifestyle, 17 Sep 2020

Why it's essential for a diabetic to keep his/her sugar levels in check!

This phase has taught us the importance of being healthy and diabetes increases the risk of complications from infections. So…

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Life & Lifestyle, 16 Sep 2020

Do Women need Extra Care in Diabetes?

“A healthy and happy woman raises a healthy and happy family.” Do you agree? Women are the real backbones of…