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Food & Travel, 12 Aug 2021

Recipe for Mysore Bajji or Flour Fritters

The sweltering dog days of sun-drenched roasting days are gone and the rain-drenched earth makes us crave for something hot…

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CauseAChatter, 11 Aug 2021

From Garden to Table| Ajwain Patte ke Pakore

I am growing all sorts of veggies and carom leaves are one of them. The joy of plucking fresh leaves…

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Food & Travel, 10 Aug 2021

Easy Milk Chicken Recipe

One of my favourite childhood recipes cooked by my mom was the Easy Milk Chicken Recipe. You must be wondering…

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Food & Travel, 9 Aug 2021

Easy Creamy Cheesy Kebab

Traditionally kebab is minced chicken combined with a whole number of spices patted into a round or elongated shape and…

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Food & Travel, 7 Aug 2021

Boneless Chicken Biryani

Biryani always was a labour of love with grinding fresh spice and chopping onions, ginger garlic finely and the chicken…

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Food & Travel, 5 Aug 2021

Dal Makhani Cooked in Slow Cooker

The name Dal Makhani reverberates the rich and robust Punjabi culture and cuisine. Dal Makhani has many monikers; Kaali (Black)…

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Food & Travel, 4 Aug 2021

Tinde ka Bhartha Recipe

The first time I tasted the sabzi or curry I didn’t like it at all. But once my mother-in-law cooked…

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Food & Travel, 3 Aug 2021

Tlaquepaque, the Artisan Village| Mexico

This post is a part of Blogchatter Half Marathon. Tlaquepaque (“Tla-Keh-Pa-Keh”) is not really a tongue twister is it? It…

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Food & Travel, 2 Aug 2021

Momos or Dimsums Recipe

Momos are quite a healthy finger food apart from only the refined flour for the wraps. They are dumplings which…

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Food & Travel, 1 Aug 2021

Dog Ice Cream Recipe

Summer means extreme heat and we humans try to cool ourselves in various ways. And we don’t have a hide…