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BookChatter, 14 Aug 2021

Starting a new reading journey with the little one

I began my son’s reading journey at a precocious 4 months old, much to the ridicule of others at home.…

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BookChatter, 12 Aug 2021

My First Book Experience

Books has been my life since long. But it did not start in a day. Today I want to share…

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Writing, 11 Aug 2021

The Boy Who Died With A Smile

A calender on the wall has many tales to say. It tries to recount a special day when he witnessed…

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BookChatter, 10 Aug 2021

Why should heroes have all the fun? My favourite side characters in fictional world

What are books without their characters? So today I have decided to write about my favourite characters from the fictional…

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Parenting & Childcare, 8 Aug 2021

How They Met?

A story of love at first sight and an unadulterated love story. Today let her busk in the glory of…

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BookChatter, 6 Aug 2021

My favourite crushes from the literary world

Today a certain reading group posed a question about who have been our literary crush? And I was once again…

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CauseAChatter, 4 Aug 2021

When Cinderella doesn’t lose her shoe

Stories help a young child make sense of the world around them. The fairy tale genre is mostly a favourite…

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CauseAChatter, 3 Aug 2021

Body Shaming is Not a Joke

I decided to write this post after reading how a plus sized influencer was fat shamed when she went to…

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BookChatter, 2 Aug 2021

Book Reading Experience : Vignettes – A slice of Life

This potpourri of tales has something for everyone. This short, breezy read can be your true travel companion. My review…

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Writing, 1 Aug 2021

Suhana Safar – The types of co-passenger I encountered

So these days are you going to office or is it a work-form-home situation for you? For my banker self,…