As we step into February, the month that celebrates love, let's look beyond chocolates and roses. The shortest month of the year is packed with a punch, especially when we immerse ourselves into our writing routine! 

With #WriteAPageADay spread over the 28 days of February, the idea is to write every day, even if a little bit. And like love, writing can be spontaneous, so write on your blog or in your journal. 

You can write on a single theme through the month, like 28 things to be grateful for or talking about 28 books that moved you or anecdotes that you just have to share. And if you are stuck for ideas, we have a bunch of simple prompts for every single day, that you can interpret your way. 

Psst: Download the calendar of prompts and keep it handy! 

#WriteAPageADay 2023

Don't forget to tweet your word count of the day, every single day, to be eligible for stickers and reward points. Use the hashtag #WriteAPageADay! 

Before getting started, refresh the rules in your mind and register. Happy Writing! 

Registrations for #WriteAPageADay are closed.