If you are a newbie in the blogging universe, you might find it a little intimidating given the gazillion choices of different niches you could choose from. Even though you can tone down your choices, it’s harder to pick only one if you have multiple interests at hand. Some people prefer creating content around a particular niche while others just go for it yet they still manage to make money out of it. This makes you wonder how they picked up a specific niche to be a blogger. And how do you identify which one is for you?

Picking a niche is subjective. Your choice totally depends on your interests and what your goal is.

Definitely, it is going to be a challenging journey, but it’s worth it!

The untold story of every blogger

First and foremost, it’s not an easy decision to select blogging as a career path but you have done that. This means you can also overcome the first hurdle of picking a path.

Your mind might be bombarded with million what-if scenarios that you will feel as clueless as you have ever been.

What if you pick a topic now but lose interest gradually? What if you no longer want to continue on the same path? What if this is not a “good-enough” niche to be a blogger? Never-ending what-ifs.

It is perfectly fine to be in such a state of mind. Everyone has been there, and done it!

So, if you are passionate about multiple things and have a strong urge to talk about them on your blog, go ahead. As long as your content is of high quality and you have an authentic voice, there will always be people who would love to read your blog.

Worry not! Take the trust fall, who knows this could be your thing!

Do you need a niche to be a blogger

It is okay to not have a niche

As a beginner, everyone wants to write about everything that crosses their mind. Because you are in a moment where your hands are itching to jot down those wild thoughts, anything that bugs you makes you curious, and excited like a little kid. It could be something you discussed with your friend or a topic that makes you want to dig deep and find out more about. Totally random things for that matter.

Remember, exploring and experimenting are part of your journey. If you don’t do so, you might be missing out on a lot of fun stuff.

You might have doubts about whether you can earn well and be successful without a niche. Yes, you definitely can. It is not written anywhere in the world that you have to take up a niche to be a blogger and be successful at it. Because just like you, there are readers out there who have multiple interests, wild contradicting thoughts, are desperate to find someone with the same wavelength and are more than ready to follow your content.

Crack blogging without a niche

Anyone can be a successful blogger if they pay attention to the world around them, especially their audience. Keep doing what you really enjoy consistently.

And at some point, you will have that eureka moment, ‘this one is for me’! And you gain confidence in the work you put out.

That’s when you know there is no need to gear towards a niche to be a blogger. It’s like a calling from the inside, as you grow to build a personal connection with your content, sharing a piece of yourself wherever possible. This doesn’t mean you can simply write anything and everything you want. Take your time and do some research. Find some credible resources or bloggers who are popular and produce great content around your area of interest.

The internet is becoming a much more crowded place day by day. So, no one is going to notice unless you stand out.

Your content should speak for itself.

This is the real reason behind people picking up a niche to be a blogger as it gives them a place to kick-start their journey.

But is this a smart choice or rather a safer choice?

Why the niche myth could be pervasive?

For the best part! Niched websites are on the rise again. And it’s also an easy way to monetize your blog. Many successful blogs you run into will have a niche. But it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. What if someone has multiple interests and is very interested in addressing those topics? It’s simply a matter of personal choice at the end of the day. 

In case you happen to have various interests, you could follow that.

But how, you ask?

It’s more like you prefer multi-niches to be a blogger. Or on the contrary, if you are set on selecting only one particular topic, then you might end up picking a macro niche to be a blogger.

To make it easy for you to understand, here is an example of bloggers from our Blogchatter community:

Neha has been blogging for years and her niche is specific to parenting and travel. All of her blog posts are written from her own life experiences and expeditions. Whereas Dr Amrita writes about everything that pricks her interest, her hobbies, books, finance, and a lot more. She is all for a multi-niche blog.

As you get more experience you would know for sure what you want and realize that there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to blogging. It is always better to be open-minded and just do whatever works best for you.

So, what do you think? Do you really need a niche to be a blogger?

In today’s world bloggers are open to change. They have accepted the fact that change is going to be constant, especially in the field of content creation. People have to grow and adapt quickly in this ever so changing world of the internet.

On the other hand, until you run out of creative thirst, there is no stopping you from putting out everything you would like to talk about. You have no boundaries whatsoever to tie you down.

You are free to pursue your calling. Get out of your comfort zone. Find your driving force and keep the fire alive.

Everyone starts from an absolute zero “0”.

If you have a clear idea of what your goal is then get started today and be honest with your work. This could make all the difference.

It’s your call, your blog. It is up to you what you write about!

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Happy Blogging!