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Meet the book

In high-speed age, this collection of micro-stories is the perfect partner for you. Each story is wrapped with unspoken thought that will make you think in a path you have never travelled. With a bundle of emotions outpouring in these stories, characters such as Gaurav, Amber, Keshav are sure to leave a strong impact and will make you ponder on tiny twists in life. Relatable thought-provoking tales would bind you with a smile and a tear.

Meet the author

Meenal & Sonal blogging sisters’ duo friends a perfect combo and complement each other's desire to spread positivity and smile. Poetry by heart and parenting with thoughts is what the duo excels in. This is the third book of the zealous team. Expressing positive thoughts that linger in readers' mind, this duo has come up with third eBook of micro fiction stories. Peep into their blog AuraOfThoughts to discover the world with a new angle in every aspect. This duo is also in the Blog Directory of Top Indian Best Blog.