Blogging is fun and a source of income too. Every professional blogger wants to earn money through blogging in India. Many bloggers have shared their personal experiences that helped them earn money. The real trick is to test different ways and finalize the one that suits your blog the best. Let's check out the trends:

Branding for other companies

You can collaborate with brands to promote their products on your personal blog for a price. This is called sponsored post or branding of other products on your blog. This way you try the product and write your first-hand experience on your blog against a set commercial. This post includes your genuine review which helps build your authority also.

Affiliate marketing

This is one of the major ways to earn money through blogging. If you are successful in learning the art of affiliate marketing then this source helps you earn regularly. You try a product or learn a course and then promote it on your blog with a buy link called an affiliate link. If a reader clicks on the link and buys the product from your blog then you get a fixed commission at no extra cost to the buyer. It takes some time to build your authority among your readers so that they trust you for a particular product and buy from you.

Read this post to understand how you can create a content strategy for affiliate marketing.

Create your own course

If you have been blogging for a while now, you can create our own learning courses for beginners. There are a few sites like Gumroad that provides you with the platform to create courses. This is a direct way to sell your courses and earn money. It's important to be an expert in the topic you want to teach and should include all relevant details inside the package for which you are going to charge.

Create an e-commerce site

If you own a small business or create your own products like art, jewellery, organic candles, etc. a blog and an e-commerce website can help you. This is another interesting way to earn money through blogging. You need to describe each of the products in a convincing way on your blog. This can be a direct way to earn if you are able to build your audience and provide them good before and after-sales services.

earn money through blogging?

Guest posts

Guest posts are a good way to invite new readers to your blog. You can open guest posts on your blog as well as apply to other bloggers for guest posting. It is advisable to write a guest post for a price and not for free. When you write a guest post on another blogger's blog, you provide your own blog information at the end with a small bio and photo. This way their readers will read your blog also to know you better. Usually, the price for a guest post is negotiable so do your research well and go ahead.

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Display advertisements on your blog

Google AdSense and a few other commercial sites provide advertising their products on your blog. These ads can be placed in between your content. If a reader clicks on them while reading, it takes them to the desired website. If he buys then you get a small commission at no extra cost to the buyer. Here, the price is too low but it's regular if you maintain your readership.

Use your skills and create a brand

Now is the time to brush up on all that you learnt and put finesse into your certificates. Share all your learnings on your blog in a way that's helpful for your readers and turn them into loyal audiences. Like, if you are a certified nutritionist, create a nutrition-related food blog that attracts people looking for healthy eating. Add a landing page that showcases your credibility and services to offer. Remember to add a call to action button that can be an appointment.

Let Social Media earn for you

Only writing on a blog and publishing is not enough today. People search free blogging sites to earn money on social platforms. Create your social accounts and update them as soon as you publish new content on your blog. Talk about your qualities and achievements on social in different ways, make connections and invite them to your blog. Your audience may not know your blog but they love to browse social channels. Who knows where your potential client is waiting?

Paid workshops

Utilize your talent by sharing through workshops. Small one hour workshops for 2-3 days around your expert topic keep your audience interested. It's easy to have a live discussion around topics that you talk about on your blog plus added bonus strategies that make the worship unique. Ask your attendees to share their experience on social that helps rebuild the audience for your next workshop. Once your credibility forms, people would be happy to pay and join your workshop.

Paid newsletter

This may start as a free service to set the right tone and talk about important things you are doing on your blog. Once your audience is regular and looks forward to your newsletter, you may create special content for subscribers and make it paid. Use social media as a teaser and tell people about your paid newsletter. They should know a little and should be left curious to read more. This way they'll subscribe to your paid newsletter.

Video blogging

This can be a standalone profession or can be emerged with your blog. Videos attract a good audience and have a different appeal for the content. You can add it to your relevant posts or grow as a YouTuber and occasionally write your stories on the blog. 

As a YouTuber, you can earn once you reach a certain number of watch hours or subscribers whichever is achieved first. So, use appropriate hashtags and tag relevant accounts to make your videos visible. The right kind of content will surely catch eyeballs and you may start earning in no time.

Create a handsome landing page

The landing page tells concisely about your work and contains important links to direct your customers to the right page. It's essential to know the worth yourself first and then sell the same to your site visitors. You may add a video or write a few lines that tell about your strengths in a few seconds. Remember, these few seconds can make or break your first impression. 

Bring yourself in the shoes of a customer and think how much time do you want to spend on a new website before crawling to the next? Therefore, landing pages contribute a lot to earn through blogging.

Let reviews earn for you

Reviews help your audience/customer decide on a particular service or product. Today's audience is intelligent enough to check reviews first and then invest their money into something. So as a blogger, start reviewing everything you use. Leave a review on the brand's official website or from the portal you ordered. In no time, your review profile will sparkle with a few highlights. Now, use this profile to pitch brands telling them how can you convince customers to buy products by reading your reviews? Be confident to charge for writing reviews.

Are you a designer?

If you are a blogger and a designer then you are eligible to earn money through blogging primarily. You can offer to create a brand by designing their logo, website banners, homepage etc. Quote them a price and show them your qualifications. Your innovative ideas will speak for you and fetch you rewards.

Code developer

Your certified coding skills can help you earn money. Advertise your previously coded software to build credibility and then promote to offer new services. Once you have created a good shout out everywhere, remember to be easily accessible. As discussed earlier also, accessibility keeps customers in touch. Coding has a good amount of money involved against good work. 

As a code developer, you can design plugins, themes and even graphics for websites.

Understand niche related keywords 

If you are able to understand what keywords bring traffic to your blog, you may create your next blog posts around those keywords only. Try different combinations that make meaningful headlines and stick to your niche. Mostly, keywords like 'how-to' and 'best' attract clicks.

Over a few months, you will see a rise in your traffic and with consistency, it will only grow. Use these analytics to quote your blog post while writing for brands.

You may work hard to reach top search engines which eventually make your blog an earning source for you. Now brands will pay you to write for them. They will pitch you and this way the table turns around.

Build a team

Build a team of like-minded people and delegate your blog work. It's not necessary that you write each and every post for your blog. When another team member writes, you may focus on its promotions. Similarly, you may use your skill to make old posts SEO enriched and by adding relevant keywords. Another person may make promotional images and videos to enhance the content and make it more visible.

A team will ensure that content is published regularly on your website and lets you focus on other important corners of the blog like growth and strategies. Also, a change of writing style and voice brings freshness to the stories and readers enjoy visiting your blog ultimately increasing the traffic.

Make a strong LinkedIn profile

Earlier in the post, we have talked about using social media to your advantage. Here, we specifically want you to make a strong and impressive LinkedIn profile. Join any online/offline LinkedIn workshops where they teach all things about LinkedIn and its usefulness in creating your brand. Add all important events of your life on the profile and experiences in a well-sorted manner. You can even add featured blog posts on the profile to highlight some of your best works.

LinkedIn is still the most clicked search engine for paid work, partnerships and internships. Create a strong follower base on this platform and hold your credibility strong by regularly talking about the work you do and your achievements.

Research the top-earning blog in India

It's important to keep researching high earning blogs so that you believe in the hard work and they become your motivation. Read their success stories and learn from their fall. Sometimes their stories connect with your life history and you may click with your next step to earn money through blogging. Different people have different goals and working styles but the motive of earning money remains the same.

This also helps you to keep in touch with the latest trends giving you a chance to modify your working style if required.

Share your sales summary

Once you start to earn money through blogging, be brave to share your sales summary inside a newsletter or on social media. It's a good way to be transparent about your working style and sources of income. It adds to your credibility and enhances your blog authority. Through this, it becomes easier to convince your client of a preferred service or product and quote your commercials.

Learn a new course

Like one size doesn't fit all, the same set of skills may not be enough to run your blog. As the trend changes, new technologies come up and it's important to learn new ways of working to enhance your blog. Learn new courses that will help you grow your blog and fetch more customers. With new skills comes innovation that adds a bonus to your marketing strategy.

Follow your competitors

Know what's happening around especially with your competitors. You may not run after them but their strategies will give you an example of what's working and what's not? Both of your types of businesses are the same then understand why both of you stand in different positions? Sometimes, during the course of understanding another person's policies, you often create your own strategies that fetch you good results.

Write an ebook

If you are an expert and hold authority in that field then why not write an ebook and sell it on Amazon? Gather information on how to self publish an ebook, prepare the manuscript and upload it on Amazon. You can also try other self-publishing software and publish your ebook for a price. Remember that nothing sells without promotion. The world knows you only when you talk about yourself. Invest 80% of your energy in planning your marketing strategy.

Write tutorials

What do you do when you want to learn something new? Check out search engines that show you different tutorial websites. Similarly, wouldn't it be nice if you share your tutorials on topics you know very well and help your readers? This is a great way to drive traffic to your site and increase pageviews. It's important to create compelling headlines that come on search pages themselves. Think like a reader and type in what you would like to search. This will give you an idea of how people search on the internet and you can also create clickable headlines and share your tutorials. Adding tutorial videos to your blog post will help understand your topic better and your readers will get both options to read and view. 

Create Job board on your website

This is a unique way to drive traffic by posting job opportunities on your homepage. With little investment, you can post job opportunities for different fields of work with preferences like full time, part-time or hourly basis. This attracts returning visitors to your site as job applicants will browse your site often to find a job. Companies will tie-up with you and publish their vacancies on your blog which is a good way to earn money through blogging.

Make your profiles on influencer portals

This will require filling in your blog details on influencer marketing applications and they may contact you when a paid campaign match your blogger profile. It's of utmost importance to check the website's authority and credibility before sharing your addresses and other personal information on random sites.

Join Blogchatter

The best way to earn money through blogging is to become a member of the Blogchatter community. Here, you get all that a blogger needs to grow professionally. You make friends who teach you new things every day. The community gives you many opportunities to write on your blog regularly and earn through guest posts too. There is also a reward system that helps you earn if you regularly engage on the Blogchatter website.

Learn how you can earn with Blogchatter, here.

All in all, you have enough ways to earn money through blogging if you are serious about your profession. Be patient to try different ways and choose the best that works for your blog.

So which of the following ways have you tried to earn money?

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