Blogging is fun and a source of income too. Every professional blogger wants to earn money through blogging in India. Many bloggers have shared their personal experiences that helped them earn money. The real trick is to test different ways and finalize the one that suits your blog the best. Let's check out the trends:

Branding for other companies

You can collaborate with brands to promote their products on your personal blog for a price. This is called sponsored post or branding of other products on your blog. This way you try the product and write your first-hand experience on your blog against a set commercial. This post includes your genuine review which helps build your authority also.

Affiliate marketing

This is one of the major ways to earn money through blogging. If you are successful in learning the art of affiliate marketing then this source helps you earn regularly. You try a product or learn a course and then promote it on your blog with a buy link called an affiliate link. If a reader clicks on the link and buys the product from your blog then you get a fixed commission at no extra cost to the buyer. It takes some time to build your authority among your readers so that they trust you for a particular product and buy from you.

Read this post to understand how you can create a content strategy for affiliate marketing.

Create your own course

If you have been blogging for a while now, you can create our own learning courses for beginners. There are a few sites like Gumroad that provides you with the platform to create courses. This is a direct way to sell your courses and earn money. It's important to be an expert in the topic you want to teach and should include all relevant details inside the package for which you are going to charge.

Create an e-commerce site

If you own a small business or create your own products like art, jewellery, organic candles, etc. a blog and an e-commerce website can help you. This is another interesting way to earn money through blogging. You need to describe each of the products in a convincing way on your blog. This can be a direct way to earn if you are able to build your audience and provide them good before and after-sales services.

earn money through blogging?

Guest posts

Guest posts are a good way to invite new readers to your blog. You can open guest posts on your blog as well as apply to other bloggers for guest posting. It is advisable to write a guest post for a price and not for free. When you write a guest post on another blogger's blog, you provide your own blog information at the end with a small bio and photo. This way their readers will read your blog also to know you better. Usually, the price for a guest post is negotiable so do your research well and go ahead.

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Display advertisements on your blog

Google AdSense and a few other commercial sites provide advertising their products on your blog. These ads can be placed in between your content. If a reader clicks on them while reading, it takes them to the desired website. If he buys then you get a small commission at no extra cost to the buyer. Here, the price is too low but it's regular if you maintain your readership.

Use your skills and create a brand

Now is the time to brush up on all that you learnt and put finesse into your certificates. Share all your learnings on your blog in a way that's helpful for your readers and turn them into a loyal audience. Like, if you are a certified nutritionist, create a nutrition-related food blog that attracts people looking for healthy eating. Add a landing page that showcases your credibility and services to offer. Remember to add a call to action button that can be an appointment.

Let Social Media earn for you

Only writing on a blog and publishing is not enough today. People search free blogging sites to earn money on social platforms. Create your social accounts and update them as soon as you publish new content on your blog. Talk about your qualities and achievements on social in different ways, make connections and invite them to your blog. Your audience may not know your blog but they love to browse social channels. Who knows where your potential client is waiting?

Paid workshops

Utilize your talent by sharing through workshops. Small one hour workshops for 2-3 days around your expert topic keep your audience interested. It's easy to have a live discussion around topics that you talk about on your blog plus added bonus strategies that make the worship unique. Ask your attendees to share their experience on social that helps rebuild the audience for your next workshop. Once your credibility forms, people would be happy to pay and join your workshop.

Join Blogchatter

The best way to earn money through blogging is to become a member of the Blogchatter community. Here, you get all that a blogger needs to grow professionally. You make friends who teach you new things every day. The community gives you many opportunities to write on your blog regularly and earn through guest posts too. There is also a reward system that helps you earn if you regularly engage on the Blogchatter website.

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All in all, you have enough ways to earn money through blogging if you are serious about your profession. Be patient to try different ways and choose the best that works for your blog.

So which of the following ways have you tried to earn money?

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