Solopreneurs and freelancers have the freedom of working as per their own schedule. They can also decide how much work to take on and when. But as opposed to a typical office job, the challenges a freelancer has are unique.



A freelancer has to look for projects, pitch his services to a potential client, negotiate the terms of payment and follow up all on his own.

While the autonomy could be exhilarating, the responsibility might soon seem very difficult to handle. This is especially true for self promotion and in some cases, blowing your own trumpet.

It is recommended that freelancers create content that can be used as a sample of one’s work. This work could be in the form of your blog, video content or media kit. You must get testimonials from your collaborators and clients so that people who wish to hire you get all the information in one place.


While it is good to be working on a variety of projects as a freelancer, it could also get demanding to be working and looking for more work at the same time. There’s an anxiety that sets in as a project closes and there is nothing more in the pipeline.

Looking for good projects can be time consuming. A way to make this easier is to network with people in the industry. This helps in getting to know about projects before they come in the public eye.

Word of mouth is your best friend so build your network in such a way that they start recommending you to people. Get in touch with thought leaders in your field, ask them for guidance, build your email list, and don’t forget to keep talking about yourself.


With all the flexibility, one would think freelancers have it good. But getting things done on time could be a struggle especially when there are no real boundaries between home and work.

One thing that works is time management, prioritising tasks in a day and keeping track of all the deadlines. Unlike an office space there are no bosses breathing down your neck which can be a good thing except now you are your own motivator.

Sometimes staying motivated at a task can be difficult. Working alone and without much rest can actually sap your energy. Remember to socialise, take little breaks through your workday and bounce your ideas off someone you trust.

When all seems dim and bleak remember, freelancing is hard, it requires time and nurturing, and you started on this path because you wanted to do something different. Not to forget, most thought leaders are entrepreneurs first. On the journey of blogger to thought leadership through#LeaderChatter all April. Come back for more!