Content creators wear many hats, thanks to the borderless digital world that has limitless opportunities to put yourself in front of your audience.

Blogger/Youtuber/Photographer cum editor cum marketer cum distributor – you get the gist. You can do it all with elan if you figure out social media sharing in terms of content format, your social style, frequency of posting and responsiveness. Social media is what gets your content visibility and gets you the audience you deserve.

One of the #BetterBlogging commandments is Thou Shalt Promote Thyself so let’s look at some simple tips that can get you on the path to promoting your content effortlessly.

Go for the Jugular with social sharing

What do I dig, like really

To align your intentions with your actions, first think about what is it that you dig about the social media content that you consume. Is it the wickedly clever ideas, the entertaining video content, the way you find breaking news, the vast opportunity to network around the world, or the intimacy of a WhatsApp status. Chances are that you would do well in what you enjoy. So if you enjoy visual content, you can learn to create your own cool videos.

But where do I promote

There are so many social platforms out there and if you are just learning to promote and build your presence in social media you can’t spread yourselves too thin by being on multiple platforms. Pick one or two, to begin with. Familiarise yourself with the working of the platform, the tech part, engaging and what kind of content works well there. After a month or two, when you are comfortable, take up another platform to learn and explore.

Right, I am here but what do I do

The first thing, post content. Look at the headers or influencers in your niche. What are they posting, how frequently do they post (though your frequency should be dependent on other factors too) and how they engage with their audience. This is also the time to put into place a strategy to consistently come up with fresh content. Make a plan to capture new ideas that you can convert.

Uh, engagement? What’s that?

Engagement is like interaction. In real life, you smile at others, wave, say a hi, engage in small talk or a long-winded conversation. In the virtual world, this attention to another person translates into likes, shares, comments. This is again a two-way street. You need to be responsive to people who engage with you or your content. Reply to them, visit them back. Eventually this builds long lasting relationships in the online platforms.

Sigh: Some days are difficult

There are challenges everywhere and everywhere they are surmountable. You may struggle with consistency (solution: get an editorial calendar), you may need to get the right scheduling app if you are going fast and strong (solution: check out the free scheduling apps for social media) or you may need help balancing the different platforms you are on (solution: use time blocking). 

All said and done, how do I build my community

In this virtual world, be real. Stay authentic to your values and beliefs and your content will reflect that. Put forth your perspective and don’t be afraid to be the dissenting opinion. Your unique take will be your unique voice which would attract the audience that appreciates the real you. Over communicate in social sharing and err on the side of caution.

Do these simple things for social sharing,  promote your content and build an online tribe.

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