The digital era has created a great leveling field. Small businesses have better access to resources that were previously out of their reach. Content creators and bloggers who are just starting up can utilise and harness social media and technology just as strategically as the well established content creators.


Using the available technology can help in content and brand promotion. This can be done at low costs with high returns. The technology trends for 2019 indicate that videos, immersive content and added value content drive engagement far better than traditional methods.



Videos have a very strong prevalence when it comes to content marketing. Even when the social media platform is not primarily image driven (as in the case of Instagram), supplementing text with video gets more eye balls (as on twitter). Content on websites is better understood with video content.


Taking the video driven messages up a notch, you can use interactive video content. Digital meet up sessions which can have mass participation streaming and where comments and questions from the audience drive the content are a more attractive form of interaction than a plain video.


Facebook lives and Instagram lives drive better traffic and can be around trending or topical issues. Not only is the content interactive in terms of ease of commenting and replying but also has higher views than a blog post.


To market yourself or your content or your brand, you need not be talking about it overtly. You can add value by adding authoritative and useful messages on the subjects within your sector. The content should have value independent of the brand. You could be selling eCourses on art but your blog posts or videos about art supplies would add value for your customers and position you as a thought leader. Podcasts are a good way to capture new audience and create meaningful content.

Throughout your tech strategy, remember to have a consistent social media style, a tone that your followers/target audience can recognise and identify with. On the journey of blogger to thought leadership through #LeaderChatter all April. Come back for more!