How to Ace Blogchatter Ebook Carnival was the hot topic on Friday’s exhilarating Facebook live chat.  The ever charming Richa and Suchita answered a lot of questions about the upcoming Carnival and the activities related to it. Here’s a low down of everything that was discussed.


Good quality reviews are a boon for authors yet they are hard to come by, especially for an author who’s new to the writing world. Oh critiques give some love to the newbies will ya?

But we at Blogchatter this ebook carnival shall give a lot of emphasis on reviews! After all finding an honest critique is like finding oil and winning the lottery at the same time! Why are reviews essential in an author’s journey? They boost an author’s confidence and helps her/him to collect valuable feedback about their book so they know what was up to the mark and what wasn’t. Courtesy of some feedback from last year we have decided on utilizing a new book review system wherein out of the three books a participant reviews, one book would be recommended by Blogchatter to ensure that every book that is published has at least one review.

And here comes the fun part…three best reviewers shall be awarded a mystery GOODY BAG! *kid inside me needs some burnol*

The ebooks are open to the community as well – obviously – and they should definitely think of picking them up and reviewing them.

[Psst let me deviate from the recap a little. You can find the ebooks here and the place where we are curating all ebook reviews here. Don’t forget to choose ‘ebook reviews’ as your category. Okay let’s go back]

Dramatic Readings

We at Blogchatter like to keep you engaged in our carnival and keep you entertained as well! Dramatic readings hopes to do just that! Brush up your acting skills, bring out the actor in and read those shiny new ebooks on camera. Oh and don’t forget to tag Richa in those videos! How will it help you? It’s a stepping stone to being confident on camera and like Suchita says “It’s going to help create some video content for your blog.” The rules? Well keep your eyes peeled for emailers from us.

This also paves the way for Blogchatter to integrate video in our future campaigns – more on that later.

[Another side note – Richa and Suchita were quite cryptic weren’t they *turns away with a pout*]


To become an author it’s important to realise that “It takes time.” “Rome wasn’t built in a day!” If you get demotivated or lose interest due to lack of a good response then we suggest that right from the beginning, create a three-month plan is put in place for your all important ebook and realize that it’s a long journey beyond the #BlogchatterEbookCarnival.

We also suggest that you as an author can brainstorm your ebook with Blogchatter community members or mentors. Plan to sustenance campaign for yourself in this brand new adventure you’ve embarked on as published author!

Better blog – better brand

Next we turned our attention towards how ebooks can help create a better blog or a better brand. We all know a blogger can be a potent thought leader as he has the power to influence a lot of people over the internet. So a blogger can talk about any ebook published in the carnival on their blog and influence a lot of readers into talking about these books. This also helps the author indirectly since they get tons of new readers and reviews.

Of course the conversation ended on another cryptic note with Richa and Suchita saying Blogchatter has planned tons of secret activities to keep the community “engaged.” To listen to this fun discussion, click here.