Our best writing pieces are the ones where creativity flowed like a river, you felt motivated like never before and writers’ block? You wouldn’t even know what that is.  It can’t happen always you’d say, that is pure talent you’d say, this is a myth, you’d say, or is it?  Ever heard of meditative writing? Don’t let the word meditation make you wary. There’s more to it than you know.


In any writing, flatness is a big turn off. Readers love to unravel the different layers of a character. A character that grows and evolves as the story progresses makes a reader come back fondly for more.  To keep your readers glued, the trick is to add more layers to your character and story, without making it complicated or over loaded of course.  A story with depth, an attitude of its own, a story that makes all your five senses tingle in anticipation as you turn pages is a result of focus, and minute observation. Have we sparked your curiosity yet?

But not just fiction…even with non fiction or a blog post, storytelling is of utmost importance. It’s what brings your reader back for more.


People love it when they can relate to a character or see their doppelganger in them!  Admit it, we’ve all read books or watched shows/ movies that have characters that so resemble us. How do writers do this? How did Charles Dickens know that every girl would swoon over Sydney Carton years after A Tale of Two Cities was written, or how did Jane Austen know that Darcy from Pride and Prejudice would be the archetype of romantic heroes and did Stan Lee go into the minds of every Avenger fan to know that grey characters like Loki would surely gain a lot of sympathy and compassion? You’re right; they all did go into the mind. How, you ask?


Writing is meditation, they say. But do we have to sit under a banyan tree and wait to get enlightened? Er, if that works for you, but what we are talking about is psychology! In order to make your characters grow, you need to grow and evolve. How can you if you don’t delve into your mind and understand yourself first? Why you are the way you are, what ticks you off and why, what makes you happy, what is your tear jerker, and more. Sit on your couch and it’s time to talk – to yourself. Isn’t it a known fact that all writers are a little insane anyway?


Every wise person in history has said that the answers lie within us. Writing about anything first requires a thorough understanding of it. Basic knowledge of psychology and understanding of how the human mind works helps us write more maturely. Every form of introspection is meditation in itself.

Meditative writing helps us use the beautiful chaos within us to create layered characters, seamless plot lines, immaculate structures and in short genius pieces of work.

So are you ready for some meditation? Become a thought leader through your flair in intricate writing and you’re on the way to finding the tribe that connects with you the way you connect with your characters.

Meditative writing adds flavor to your content and brings you closer to the stories you create. On the journey of blogger to thought leadership through #LeaderChatter all April. Come back for more!