Blogging is very exciting when you are just beginning. There are lots of ideas swirling in your mind, you keep checking out new themes and plugins for your blog and discover many ways you can present your content. But, in no time, the dreaded happens. All your enthusiasm changes to overwhelm. However, you can change this if you organise your blogging related tasks.

The fact is that blogging requires a number of tasks right from content creation to presentation to promotion. Unless you are a super power, it helps to be organised in your blogging endeavour to keep it fun and inspiring.

Before you head over to Google to search for blogging tools to stay organised, think over the blogging related tasks that you need to complete on a regular basis. This would give you a fair idea of where to invest your energy.


Planning ahead is the key to success. So separate your content creation and promotion tasks and schedule them on a weekly basis.


Your content is the mainstay of your blogging so keep it at the center of your endeavours. Don’t let the excitement of presentation and promotion distract you from the basics.

When you are swamped with tasks, it may be difficult to think of inspiring ideas that get converted to posts. So, create an editorial calendar for your content and have at least a few drafts handy.


Plan out your content on your various social media platforms and schedule your posts in one go. Since different platforms need different formats and tone, it is best to work on the posts on one platform before moving on to another.

Check out the free scheduling tools and try them out out to zero on the one that suits you best.


If you have emailers going out to your subscribers, it’s time to sit down and work out what you would be offering your readers. Based on that, map out the newsletter content. This would also help you plan ahead for any product or service launches.

Don’t over schedule. Keep some off time and some leeway to be spontaneous. There would always be topical content and trending topics to talk about.


After a few months/years of blogging, you might be feeling like a pro but do you still forget a few things while posting? Create a checklist of your oft repeated processes. This helps you keep blogging organised and you never miss a thing. Have a list of things you must do when you write your post and before you hit publish. Example – check if you have added tags, categories, images, alt text, done SEO etc for a blog post.


Lump together related tasks and get them done in one go. If you are in the writing mode, write a few blog post outlines. If you are choosing images to go with your blog posts, you can have a bunch of them ready at one time. Do you regularly share good links as part of your social media updates? Collect them in one go while you are looking for good content.

Identify the things you need to do on a regular basis and then plan to do them in batches. Organising blogging tasks may sound boring but in reality it frees up mind space.


If your blog is your business then you need to keep track of your income and expenses. You would also need to create annual and quarterly budgets for your blog. This would help you stay on track with your investments (paid learning resources, ebooks, plugins, upgrading to new hardware). You would know how much you can afford to spend and his much more you need to earn to cover your expenses.


There would always be surprises and there would be always be unforseen delays. Have a flexible schedule that has ample space on a weekly basis to sort out things that didn’t get done.

And above all, don’t forget to relax. You started out blogging because it was fun so don’t let overwork turn it into drudgery. Organise your blogging, the big plans and the small tasks and you are on the way to success.