Getting eyes on your quality content can be hard when there is so much to explore. For #MyFriendAlexa’s Week 1, here’s a fool proof way to get your content genuine readers.

You may be efficient in creating content. But have you ever wondered how many blog posts are out there in the great, big world of the internet? With 3 million or more posts, it can be an overwhelming feeling and you begin to wonder how to get eyes on your content. In this endless expanse, you don’t need floods of people to crowd your blog, but just a handful of the right ones with whom you can build a meaningful rapport. Blogging to get an audience isn’t just about creating quality content. Of course, that is the topmost priority, but there are other aspects to it as well. Are you ready to plunge into them?

Getting eyes on your awesome content



Nobody likes a website that loads like internet explorer. Use a fast web host and remove stuff that slows down your blog. Jarring and flashy features, bells ringing, fancy buttons that can confuse the reader are a turn off.

Make sure that your blog is compatible on all devices. People may not always have a laptop around when they want to visit your blog.  Once people visit your blog, they might like it too, so don’t let them feel lost by not embedding your social media handles and any other contact information. Check that this really works. Don’t assume! Projecting professionalism in all your social profiles by polishing them can really have an impact on visitors.


We all have heard of the statement ‘Google is watching us.’ What exactly is Google checking? 

  1. Expertise: Give links to the expert opinion links you have used. Include a bio if necessary. If your post has been published in another site, it should be known. Google is big on back links. When you share on social media, remember to tag them. They might possibly share your post.
  2. Authority: Your content should be so awesome that it covers every angle of your subject in depth. People should know exactly what you are trying to convey. That is when you stand a chance of ranking. If a particular post of yours has done really well, you can think of a clever way to use that post to link new ones. Innovation is the key here!
  3. Trustworthiness: No matter what is said, we all believe what we see. We are assured when there is proof, especially in the online world where so much fake content is being generated. Be open to your readers about affiliate marketing links. Secure your site so that user data isn’t stolen. You can also go ahead and show your trustworthiness through genuine reviews and testimonials. People who read your posts and follow you actually trust you. Maintain that trust and don’t spam them.


While creating quality content, it helps to have a broad and open mind that isn’t afraid to explore new areas. Check out the top content in your niche and study them. Learn why they rank higher. What can you do to your content to make it rank better?  You might also want to look at the idea of converting your content? An audience who enjoys videos might like to watch your content instead of reading it. When everything is moving at a super-fast pace, what you share on social media should be clear, short, and attractive. The blog post snippets, the video snippets that you choose to share has to be juicy enough to get eyes on them.


Did you know that leaving insightful comments on someone’s post can actually earn you a regular reader? When we publish a blog post, we all look forward to feedback. A comment such as ‘nice’ or ‘great post’ doesn’t really urge the receiving person to visit your site. When you take your time to write something worthwhile it shows that you actually read their content. On the other hand, if you have nothing to say, it is best not to comment. Don’t worry about who comments or who doesn’t on your blog. Just stay consistent at what you need to do and you will begin to attract your tribe.


It is true that social media is a hot happening place and we really need to keep up with the growing trends there. There are so many platforms and keeping track of them can get tedious. Check your insights and see what is working and what isn’t. Got an intriguing picture for your post? Maybe Instagram and Pinterest can get you readers. Twitter maybe a little tough at first but once you build relationships through communities, you can actually develop a blogging family. Quora is another place where people have a number of questions. Perhaps a blog post of yours can have an answer to them? Don’t leave out Facebook groups and LinkedIn. You can find like-minded people and these platforms have quite a good conversion rate. Each platform has its own benefits. See what suits you best.

Blog growth happens slowly but it can happen surely if we put in the efforts necessary. The internet is an endless expanse and who knows? Perhaps you can open a tiny door to Wonderland!